The X Factor final is finally here, and now just two singers remain.


Rak-Su and Grace Davies will each be performing two songs on Sunday night's show. Then, whoever wins The X Factor on Sunday night, their single will be released at 10pm on 3rd December in aid of children’s hospice charities, Together for Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase.

According to a poll of over 3,500 readers it's Rak-Su who are looking likely to nudge Grace Davies in winning X Factor 2017.

But with the result so close, anything could happen.

And as they’ve all topped the viewers’ vote during the live shows, any one of them could easily win.

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Below, we'll be reviewing and recapping each of their performances with the judges' comments and audience reaction. But who do you think should win The X Factor 2017?

Grace Davies

Grace Davies on The X Factor 2017
Grace Davies on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures)

First song: Nothing But Words

Grace began her bid for The X Factor 2017 crown by performing Nothing But Words - an original song of hers that she hadn't performed on the show before. It was an emotive, defiant track that was more up tempo than many of the other songs we have heard from her.

Judges' comments: "This is the moment you've waited for," said Louis. "You did all those small gigs all of those years and you had this big dream of making it. It's your time. You're an amazing singer, you're an amazing songwriter, an amazing performer. No matter what happens tonight Grace you're going to be a star."

Nicole Scherzinger praised her "empowering" song and said that she couldn't wait to see what was next for her, while Simon Cowell said that during the small space of time he had got to know her she had wowed him - particularly with that song, Nothing But Words. "Everybody can relate to those lyrics," said Sharon. "I am just so so happy for you right now."

Her song of the series: Too Young

Grace first performed this emotive and heart-wrenching song in week one of The X Factor's live shows. So powerful was it that she not only won the most votes on her night, but she also ended up winning the whole weekend and beating Rak-Su in the Prize Fight.

Judges' comments: "Another brilliant performance," said Louis, who added that she was "like an established artist" and that he loved that she bared her soul in her lyrics. "I think you are potentially an amazing worldwide recording artist." Nicole then added that she was an "unbelievable" songwriter with Simon saying that it was a "stunning, stunning song" and that he thought Grace and Rak-Su had changed talent shows "maybe forever" for artists performing original material on talent shows.


Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017
Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017 (ITV Pictures)

First song: Touché

Before they performed, Simon Cowell revealed that Rak-Su had delivered this new song on Wednesday and that they had written it during the week. He said he was nervous - and the boys were nervous - but that he thought it was going to be incredible. And he wasn't wrong. It was just as catchy and just as brilliant as all the rest of 'em!

Judges' comments: For the second night in a row it was hard to hear what the judges had to say owing to the incredible audience reaction. Louis said they were "always exciting" and "always in tune", while Sharon added: "I don't have to say one damn word - they've said it all for me," indicating the audience's deafening reaction. "Rak-Su is a phenomenon," continued Nicole Scherzinger. "It couldn't happen to a better group of boys. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations."

Their mentor Simon Cowell commented with: "What's happening around us says it all, doesn't it? Not many artists with this much as stake, rather than just doing something before or an old song, you kept to yourselves and you wrote your own song. And not many people do that."

Their song of the series: Mona Lisa

We defy you not to turn the volume up when this comes on. Arguably one of Rak-Su's best songs, Mona Lisa won them the Prize Fight when they first performed it for the first time just a few weeks ago on The X Factor. We didn't think it was possible, but this performance was even bigger and better than the first time they sang it.

Judges' comments: Louis reckoned that they had "everything" and that they would follow in the steps of One Direction, Little Mix and JLS on their musical journey. Sharon was pleased that they performed what was her favourite song of theirs, while Nicole said that they were "so cool" and that for her, they were the winners of X Factor 2017.

Simon Cowell had to fight to be heard, but when he was finally able to speak he said "the respect you have given every kid who's turned up to sign an autograph, the way you've treated everyone around you says so much about you as people. That's why I respect you guys so much. It's not just about your talent, it's about your friendship, what you stand for...and why I care that you win this show is that I think you will make a difference and I think you deserve it."

And this is what happened on Saturday night:

Grace Davies

Grace Davies on The X Factor 2017
Grace Davies on The X Factor 2017 (Syco/Thames)

First song: Live and Let Die by Wings

Grace bravely took on this big, powerful song and gave it a completely different twist. It was a world away from her usual pared-back performances, with plenty of drama.

Judges' comments: "You get better and better every single week and you can sing any kind of music. I believe this is the start of a massive, massive music career," said Louis.

Simon said that everyone talks about Grace being a great songwriter and said that she had made a "big difference" to the show this year, adding that her rendition was "classy and cool". Nicole loved the arrangement of the song and that she did a "beautiful job", while mentor Sharon said that she belonged on the stage. "You're an amazing songwriter, amazing singer and a great performer."

Winners' duet: Grace Davies duetted with Paloma Faith to sing Grace's own original song, Roots

Simultaneously singing and playing the piano, Grace performed her own song - the same one she had sung at her very first X Factor audition.

Judges' comments: Sharon thanked Paloma and said that she had been "so giving" to Grace before adding that it was "such a hit" and that it would be a "dream" if Grace won.


Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017
Rak-Su on The X Factor 2017 (Syco/Thames)

First song: Mamacita - original song

It didn't seem possible, but somehow Rak-Su managed to step-up their performance with some amazing choreography as they returned with a high-octane rendition of their infectious original song Mamacita.

Judges' comments: "For me, this is just the start for you guys," said Louis, with Sharon adding: "I've said it before, but your melody lines in your song are the best. They are so infectious and we can't get your songs out of my head. All of us. It's such a gift that you have everybody adores you."

Nicole Scherzinger described them as a "phenomenon" and praised their "synergy" and that their music needed to be in the market place today. Although it was difficult to actually hear what the judges had to say over the screams of everyone in the arena...

Winners' duet: Rak-Su teamed up with Naughty Boy and Wyclef Jean to sing their own original song, Dimelo

Rak-Su were bestowed the final performance of the night and the whole stage turned into a rave with Wyclef Jean doing a handstand and Naughty Boy tapping away furiously in the background. The roof was lifted off the ExCeL Arena.

Judges' comments: "I want to say thank you, Wyclef, Naughty Boy, and to you guys for just doing it your way. I could not be more proud of you."

Kevin Davy White

Kevin Davy White on The X Factor 2017
Kevin Davy White on The X Factor 2017 (Syco/Thames)

First song: Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

Opening the show, Kevin showed off his rockstar credentials with a powerful and energetic performance of the iconic Led Zeppelin song. It was less like a finalists' performance and more like a Kevin Davy White concert.

Judges' comments: "Led Zeppelin at The X Factor, I never thought I'd see the day!" said Louis, with Sharon Osbourne adding: "You are so brave to take on that song, you really are. And let me tell you, you rocked the place...I am so happy that you're here. You belong right there."

Simon Cowell said: "Someone's turned up to win it, irhgt? You know what, this is what I've loved about you. You could've done something very safe, very boring...what I'm saying kevin its that I think you're in with a real shot tonight Kevin."

Kevin's mentor Nicole Scherzinger said that he "ripped it" on the stage and that she was "so proud" of him.

Winners' duet: Kevin Davy White was joined on stage by Britain's Got Talent winner Tokio Myers to perform George Michael’s Fast Love

Atmospheric and etherial, Kevin and Tokio duetted on a moving version of the classic George Michael song.

Judges' comments: Nicole first of all praised Tokio before saying that Kevin had a "special gift" and that he brought people together through music. "You're one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met," she added.


The X Factor final airs Saturday 2 December and Sunday 3 December