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The Voice UK: 4 singers we’re tipping in this weekend’s quarter-finals was treated to a sneak peek of Saturday night’s performances, and here’s our verdict

Published: Saturday, 18th March 2017 at 11:30 am

This week we were lucky enough to be invited along to The Voice UK studios to sit in on a midweek rehearsal for this Saturday’s quarter-finals.


All 12 contestants treated us to a sneak preview of their songs and what we can expect from their vocals in this weekend’s live show, and suffice to say we were pretty blown away. And not just because we had front row seats. Literally.

We were actually sat in that gulf between the coaches’ red chairs and the stage itself so we got a better view and sound than even Tom, will, Jennifer and Gavin will this weekend.

Here are the four contestants we picked out as ones to watch on Saturday:

1. Into the Ark

After their performance of Joe Jonas hit Jealous, Welsh duo Dane and Taylor told us that they weren’t quite happy with it yet. We thought it was brilliant though, and with a bit more polishing before the weekend it looks set to send them sailing through to the semis. Dane’s falsetto is particularly impressive, FYI.

2. Mo Adeniran

Mo is, understandably, one of the favourites to win the whole competition. This weekend will nothing to do the bookies’ short odds on the 21-year-old taking the recording contract when he performs Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan (or Guns N’ Roses, if you prefer). We really don’t want to go all Louis Walsh and say he makes it his own…but he really does. His soulful rendition will make you see the song in a whole new light and is brilliant.

3. Michelle John

We were worried when we heard that Michelle was taking on this Chaka Khan classic from the 70s. Initially it feels a bit X Factor, a bit Tesco Mary. But actually, her performance of the song is stunning. She exhibits what are arguably some of the best vocal gymnastics that we’ve seen all series, and we didn’t even realise it was possible to reach the final note she sings.

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4. Tanya Lacey

Bringing something a bit different, Tanya is performing a slightly heavier and less dancey version of Basement Jaxx’s Good Luck. It’s energetic, fun her arrangement of the 2004 dance track is actually, dare we say it, an improvement on the original and will be a proper nostalgia trip for viewers of a certain age who will be up and dancing in their living rooms being careful not to spill red wine on the carpet. Although last time they heard this in a club as they threw beer over themselves.


The Voice UK airs on Saturday March 18 at 8.30pm on ITV


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