The Voice coach Olly Murs has opened up about the show's brand new 'Block' button, revealing that it's "definitely" made the coaches more competitive this year.


Introduced in the ITV talent show's upcoming series, the 'Block' button allows each coach to stop one of their fellow mentors from adding a particular singer to their team – but all four of them can only use the button once.

Speaking to and other press, former X Factor star Murs said that the coaches had lots of fun with the button on The Voice UK.

"There seemed to be quite [a lot of] enjoyment from all of us coaches that we had something new to play with, we were like 'Ooh, we've got a new button!'"

"It's a great feature this year and I really think this is the start of something new with the show. I think there'll be other features along the way that might happen at some point, but I just think it gives a whole new element – like who is Sir Tom going to block? Who's Will gonna block? Who's Olly gonna block? If anything, it's all about who I block really. You'll see why when you watch the show."

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When asked whether the button has made the judges more competitive this year, Olly said: "I have definitely seen more competitiveness with the other coaches this year than I have in previous years which the button has definitely introduced."

"I take it as a huge compliment if I'm being blocked, that means that they see me as a big threat for a person that they want because I think when I do go into a pitch battle with any of the coaches, I think they know that I'm good at pitching and I do get some of the top talent."

"So yeah, it's definitely introduced a whole other level to the show for sure."

Meanwhile, The Voice presenter Emma Willis revealed that the new 'Block' button has made the coaches "bloody naughty".

"Anne-Marie is a naughty little minx, which we absolutely have embraced and love. She keeps up with all of the boys, which is brilliant," she said.

"But it's just creates pure naughtiness in all of them because they're like little kids playing pranks on each other, which is brilliant," she added. "And Tom finds it really funny, he just kind of sits there giggling to himself."

"So it's been really nice actually. It's kind of always nice to introduce something new, especially when it's a bit of a wind-up to someone else."


The Voice UK 2021 starts on ITV on Saturday 2nd January at 8:30pm . If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.