The Six Chair Challenge completely divided X Factor fans – as usual

Painful or perfect television? The last hurdle before Judges' Houses has proved just as controversial as last year


Maybe it’s just because The X Factor this year has felt generally warm and fuzzy. Maybe it’s because the idea of watching young acts fighting it out over six uncomfortable-looking chairs is just plain weird.


Whatever the reason, the Six Chair Challenge on last night’s show proved just as divisive as ever. Saturday was the turn of the Boys and the Girls to get sorted – tonight it’s the Overs and the Groups.

The X Factor knows this round is divisive, knows it will alienate some people.

And boy did it.

Remember, this year is also the first time the acts have sung in front of a large audience.

But, then again, it means you get reactions like this… for a chair.

That’s got to be great TV right?

Oh, way to bring us down.

Before rejoining the show, Dermot O’Leary himself said that he’d rather the Six Chair Challenge was ditched.

But it still gets people watching – and talking…


The X Factor Six Chair Challenge continues this Sunday at 7pm on ITV.