Strictly Come Dancing pro Joanne Clifton hits back at James Jordan’s criticism – and his use of the F-word…

Jordan has been complaining that Ore Oduba is "over marked"- but Clifton says if he's going to criticise he should at least learn to spell: "It's Fleckerl not flekkle"


Joanne Clifton will NOT take any criticism from Twitter malcontent and former Strictly Come Dancing professional James Jordan – especially if it contains spelling mistakes.


Jordan left the show in 2013 and now spends his weekends grumbling about the judges’ scores with his 195,000 Twitter followers. But when he complained that Ore Oduba had been overmarked for his Viennese Waltz to Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life, Clifton wasn’t having any of it.

So what did Jordan say to provoke such a reaction? Well, his initial tweet wasn’t too bad:

But then when Oduba picked up a score of 38 including three tens, he wasn’t pleased, tweeting: “What the f**k!!!! The judges save Ore NOT the public #Fact”

Jordan also retweeted a comment calling out Darcey Bussell for critiquing Oduba’s head position and yet still giving him a perfect score, as well as another asking: “why do they consistently over mark him do you think?”

To make matters worse, he then started a poll asking whether Oduba and Clifton were “WAY OVERMARKED”.

Meanwhile, Clifton’s parents Keith and Judy challenged viewers to share their own attempts at a Fleckerl.


We’re looking forward to seeing James’s…