Strictly Come Dancing 2016: week two – as it happened

Ed Balls turned into a cowboy and Laura Whitmore was absolutely beautiful - get the lowdown on the Strictly week two antics right here


The contestants made quite a debut during the Strictly launch last weekend – with Daisy Lowe stealing the show and Ed Balls transforming himself into a waltzing wonder for the evening.


Tonight’s the first night you can vote for the dancers you think put their best foot forward and we’ll be with you all the way.

Stay tuned for our Strictly live blog below…

8:30pm That’s it from us on the Strictly live blog tonight – my mum/pro Strictly adviser bids you farewell! Happy voting!


8:29pm: Here are the latest scores on the leaderboard after tonight…


8:18pm: Best for last? Danny and Oti had a standing ovation for their Viennese waltz and got 8,8,8,8 – that’s 32 so neck and neck with Louise and Kevin in the overall scores now with 63

It looks like Danny is the best male contender for sure. “A modern twist on a traditional dance… terrific” says Len.

Is every woman in the country in love with Danny right now?

8:10pm Daisy and Aljaz racked up 7,8,7,8 – that’s 30

“Daisy always serves a hot dish… and an even hotter cha-cha-cha,” says Bruno.

8:05pm: Judge Rinder and Oksana got 6,7,7,7 – that’s 27

Insulted by Craig for having “ugly hands” but a better score than last week’s 25

Talking of last week…

7:57pm: Naga and Pasha did a latin dance and got 4,6,6,7 – that’s 23

Me: “These two seem so in sync.”

Craig: “Riddled with mistakes.”

This is one of the many reasons I’m not a judge.

7:50pm 3,7,6,7 for Ed and Katya.

3 – harsh even for Craig.

By FAR the most entertaining dance of the evening was this Charleston… cowboy themed, completely camp. The crowd went absolutely bonkers.

Ed was bottom of the leaderboard last week, and this is the kind of training he’s been doing…

7:19pm Laura and Giovanni got 8,8,8,8 – that’s 32. Highest score of the night so far.

Alicia Keys song, tick. Beautiful dress, tick. “Absolutely gorgeous… romantic without being over sentimental,” says Craig. Agreed.

Definitely my favourite dance of the evening so far.

7:12pm Tameka and Gorka did the first Charleston of the series and got scores of 7,7,7, and 8, totalling 29

Their seaside characters went down a treat – this dance could keep them afloat…

7:07pm Tameka up next… remember this from last week?!


7:06pm 6,7,6,7 – 26 for Greg and Natalie’s Tango…

Greg had a very serious tango face, which made the whole thing quite intense.

The talking point, though, was his bottom.

“Your bum sticks out.” – Len. (It really does.)

“The bum I don’t mind at all” – Bruno. (I really didn’t either.)

Craig said “loved”! What!

6:57pm 6,7,7,6 for Lesley and Anton… that’s 26.

Props to Lesley, absolutely owning it at 70. She certainly has my vote for facial expressions. “Plenty of action left in those legs” according to Bruno, brilliant.

6:48pm 5,7,8, and 7 is 27 for Will and Karen’s rock around the clock

6:41pm 6,8,8,8 – that’s 30 for Claudia and AJ. Pantomime villain Craig was tricky to impress


6:40pm Imagine doing your grocery shopping with Bruno – he would make even the canned food aisle seem glamorous

6:36pm Awww my heart is melting over the gymnast sprogs rooting for Claudia and AJ

6:34pm Ore was HOT STUFF but could have done with more polish, says Len. He got 6,7,7,7 – a total of 27!

6:26pm Ore has the friendliest face I’ve ever seen


6:15pm That’s the spirit! What a woman

6:12pm Positive vibes for tonight are clearly in the air… we’ve got your back, Ed.

5:30pm  The excitement is building for Strictly tonight. Here’s a little refresher of last week and your need-to-know facts for the evening. Tune back in at 6:20pm when the live show begins…

Daisy Lowe may be topping the leaderboard but Danny had some serious moves last week. Really, his hips don’t lie.



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Who do you reckon will win?

According to exclusive research conducted by YouGov before the second live show, viewers want to see Judge Rinder take the Strictly crown – but still think Louise Redknapp is actually the favourite to pick up the coveted Glitterball. Check out the full results here.