Remember in 2012 when X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger said that putting Rylan Clark (now Clark-Neal) through was a "big risk" but one she had to take and he broke down and cried like no one has ever cried before? Well, that actually lasted twenty-three minutes. Twenty-three minutes!


No wonder Scherzy looked a little lost about what to do.

And that cushion he was wiping his tears/make-up/sweat on? That was one of the Dubai-based hotel's $2,500 limited edition Versace cushions. Yikes.


Clark-Neal reveals this in his brand new autobiography, The Life Of Rylan, in which he also jokes his clothing choice for the Judges' Houses moment was a bit "Kylie Minogue Jedi outfit".

"No one could control me," he admits. "Genuine fear covered [Scherzinger's] face."

"At one point I think Nicole even asked if there was a paramedic because she thought I was having a fit," he added. "After a while I realised I needed to assure everyone I was just so shocked and not indeed dying on the spot."

He then proceeded to hit X Factor host Dermot O'Leary...

"Dermot received the tail-end of the storm, with me repeatedly screaming that he was out of order for having a poker face, and also with me hitting him around the legs whilst I was crouched down in the foetal position on the floor."

Let's just all take a moment to watch (an edited version of) that wonderful moment again:


The Life of Rylan is on sale from today