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Who is Rubber Chicken on The Masked Dancer?

Yes, that's a dancing rubber chicken.

The Masked Dancer Rubber Chicken
Published: Tuesday, 1st June 2021 at 5:22 pm

We can't wait to see Rubber Chicken back on the dance floor for The Masked Dancer.


The contestant made their debut on Sunday, 30th May and managed to impress The Masked Dancer judges and all the viewers at home with their dancing skills.

They'll return to the stage tonight along with Beagle, Frog, Carwash and Squirrel - who are some of this year's Masked Dancer contestants.

But will they be able to keep their true identity hidden?

So far, they've done a pretty good job with many of us pretty confused as to who Rubber Chicken might be. While Oti thinks comedian Bill Bailey - who she won last year's Strictly Come Dancing with - could be the culprit, others think the dancing chicken might be The Chase's very own presenter Bradley Walsh.

Fans think otherwise, however, with many wondering if Rubber Chicken is comedian and actor Joe Pasquale.

By the looks of things, it's definitely someone with a huge sense of humour!

As the show continues, here's all the latest clues, theories, guesses and dances for The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken, which might help you to work out which celebrity is hiding behind this mask.

Who is Rubber Chicken? Dances, songs, clues, guesses

Taking to the stage in Sunday’s show was Rubber Chicken, a contestant whose costume impressed but had their dancing skills compared to the infamous dad dance.


  • Episode one – Hippy, Hippy Shake by The Swinging Blue Jeans


  • A piano on the floor could be a reference to the move Big.
  • Jokes were mentioned in the VT.
  • Benny Hill style slapstick music was used in the VT too.
  • Rubber Chicken is apparently “commanding”.
  • A dog was heavily featured in the VT.

"Mind the Gaps" clue:

For The Masked Dancer, we have a 'Mind the Gaps' clue for each contestant where they give us a really helpful clue - only two of the keywords are missing from the sentence.

For Rubber Chicken, the clue is:

“It’s no secret that my _ were strong and often _ too”.


  • Joe Pasquale
  • Bill Bailey
  • Bradley Walsh
  • Paul O'Grady
  • Bob Mortimer

The Masked Dancer theories

Is Rubber Chicken Joe Pasquale?

Is Rubber Chicken Joe Pasquale?
Is Rubber Chicken Joe Pasquale? Getty Images

Following Rubber Chicken's debut performance, fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on who they thought was inside the giant bird costume, with many suggesting former Dancing on Ice star Joe Pasquale.

"Rubber Chicken sounds like Joe Pasquale #MaskedDancerUK, " one said.

"That voice has to belong to Joe Pasquale #MaskedDancerUK," another added.

Sharing the same views, a third commented: "#MaskedDancerUK omg rubber chicken sounds like Joe Pasquale."

Pasquale is funny, and he took part on the eighth series of DoI, which he returned to for an All Stars series, so he could well be our Rubber Chicken!

Is Rubber Chicken Bill Bailey?

The Masked Dancer Bill Bailey
Is Rubber Chicken Bill Bailey? BBC

It's interesting that it was Oti who suggested Bill Bailey as the secret celeb given that she danced with him to victory in 2020’s Strictly Come Dancing - if anyone knows his style, you'd think it'd be her!

With that said, we think that Bill proved he's capable of more than just Dad dancing (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Strictly, so we're not convinced the actor, musician and comedian is the right choice here.

Is Rubber Chicken Bradley Walsh?

Is The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken Bradley Walsh?
Is The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken Bradley Walsh? Getty Images

Bradley Walsh’s name was thrown into the mix and the actor and presenter of The Chase is known to have a cheeky sense of humour, always up for a laugh – something needed if you're going to don a chicken suit and dance for the nation. Could he have been talked into doing it? We're not ruling him out for now.

Is Rubber Chicken Paul O’Grady?

The Masked Dancer Paul O'Grady
Is The Masked Dancer's Rubber Chicken Paul O'Grady? ITV

The guess of Paul came from the dog in the VT which suggested the act is an animal lover, and Paul O’Grady certainly matches up with that – he's presented Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs on ITV for nearly 10 years now. He definitely has a funny bone too, so it could well be him!

Is Rubber Chicken Bob Mortimer?

Bob Mortimer
Bob Mortimer Getty Images

One half of comedy duo Reeves and Mortimer, Bob was named as one of the potential suspects underneath the feathered costume and, like everyone else that the panel named, we think his background in comedy could well lead him to donning a rubber chicken suit and dad dancing around the stage. At least he wasn't dressed as a hand lion.


The Masked Dancer is on ITV daily at 7pm or 7:30pm, except Wednesday, 2nd June. Episodes are also available to stream on the ITV Hub. For something else to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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