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Why does Robbie Williams have two pairs of glasses tattooed on his neck?

The X Factor judge is paying tribute to a comedy hero

Robbie Williams' neck tattoo
Published: Sunday, 2nd December 2018 at 6:35 pm

X Factor viewers tuning in to see Robbie Williams and the (almost) all-new judging panel in action at the weekend may well have spotted amongst the former Take That star's many tattoos a very prominent one on his neck.


And if those two distinctive pairs of spectacles look familiar, it's probably because they are...

The glasses belong to The Two Ronnies – the late Barker and Corbett – and were the trademark of their BBC1 comedy sketch show which was a staple of Saturday nights between 1971 and 1987.

Two Ronnies
(Photo by David Cairns/Getty Images)

When Corbett died in 2016, Williams – who said the comic had "inspired me at a very young age" – felt moved to get the tattoo in tribute.


Nice to think that 30 years after their show last aired, the Two Ronnies are still appearing on primetime Saturday night TV.


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