Piers Morgan won’t let his GMB co-host Charlotte Hawkins forget her Strictly ‘dance disaaaster’

The Good Morning Britain presenter didn't hold back


Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins didn’t have the best Saturday night on the Strictly dance floor and Piers Morgan isn’t about to let her forget it


The breakfast show host wasted no time laying into a clearly embarrassed Hawkins, whose Strictly Cha Cha with Brendan Cole landed her at the bottom of the leaderboard. “Please, do we have to go on about this?” she protested to Piers, who was mercilessly winding her up.

“I need an improvement, I need a better week, what are you dancing this week?” he asked her

“Well we’ve got the movie week coming up this week”, she began, “so I am doing the tango.” Morgan’s co-presenter Susanna Reid attempted to show some support for Hawkins with a “yay!” but Morgan pressed her further.

“Can you actually do the tango?” he prodded.

It’s not the first time Piers has had a pop at Hawkins’ dancing. Despite her hopes that he’d failed to notice her bad luck on Saturday’s show, he hinted that he had opinions about his co-host’s performance, and wouldn’t be shy in sharing them.

Here’s hoping Charlotte has better luck next weekend.

Or brings Brendan Cole to work tomorrow morning instead – he’s having none of the mob’s mean comments.


Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights