Paul Hollywood on Simon Cowell comparisons: “Simon’s gone soft – I’m much stronger than him”

"Simon bends to the will of the people," says the Bake Off star of his fellow TV judge

Paul Hollywood

He tells it like he sees it and for many viewers has become something of a pantomime villain, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Paul Hollywood has drawn comparisons with fellow TV judge Simon Cowell.


But the Bake Off star reckons that these days he’s more formidable – and more forthright – than his X Factor counterpart and even says, in an interview in the new issue of Radio Times, that Cowell has “gone soft”.

“People compare me to Simon Cowell. I’ve seen Simon, and he said, ‘They say you’re like me’,” says Hollywood. “But I think Simon’s gone soft. I’m much stronger than him. Simon bends to the will of the people, and he’s become more about the personalities now than actual quality of the voice. Mine’s all about the quality of the baking, not the personality.”

For more fighting talk from Hollywood, read the full interview in Radio Times magazine, in which he says Bake Off hosts Mel and Sue “abandoned” the show when it moved to Channel 4 and suggests he never wanted to be on TV anyway…


Read the full interview with Paul Hollywood in the new issue of Radio Times magazine, on sale from Tuesday