With just two weeks to go until the X Factor final, last weekend's winner Lloyd Macey is shaping up to be quite the contender. We caught up with the Welsh graduate to hear all about this weekend's bumper elimination, his take on Shania Twain and why he's happy to have a different singing style. Here's what he had to say...


On this weekend's quadruple elimination:

It's putting pressure on everyone because we don’t want to leave so close to the final. But we’ve all had a chat and we’ve realised that there’s only two weeks now until the final so to make it until this stage is fantastic.

Personally after last week, winning the weekend, it’s given me that little bit of confidence to go out there and give it my all because I watched it back and I thought I relaxed a bit more in my second performance. I think it gives you that bit of drive that four people are going to go so give it your all on that stage. Everyone is really going for it this week.

On his decision to sing From This Moment On by Shania Twain:

This song in particular is my mum’s favourite song. She’s a massive fan of Shania Twain – but this song, the way I’m going to sing it, I’m going to put a different spin on it because the lyrics to me in this are more about a son and his mother and my mum always says she was only in her early 20s when she had me and I completely changed her life. The lyrics do touch on your heart strings.

On winning the Prize Fight last week:

I haven’t come down from...I call it cloud a million. Higher than cloud nine! I can’t believe it to be honest, I’m flattered – to win on George Michael week was really something because we all said we wanted to sing his song in our style but also pay respects to him and the reaction was fantastic. People appreciated what I did with the song.

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On being a different singer to the others in the competition:

I think I’ve always had a bit of doubt in me and this show has really given me that confidence that I’ve always wanted – not just with performance and characters, but to be me on stage and be vulnerable and let go in the music and I think my reaction at the weekend sums up how I felt. I just could not believe that I won the weekend and that people voted for me. I am different and for a couple of years maybe they haven’t had an artist like I’m trying to represent and trying to be, so I thought it was a big risk me doing the show but actually it’s really paid off.

I sing classical songs but I also like to put a pop spin on it and make it modern and current so I was a bit nervous that it was too far classical or maybe it wasn’t enough pop or maybe it just didn’t fit the show, but what I’ve learnt and what I’ve gained from the show – and especially Louis as a mentor – he says that individuality is the key. You have to be different, you have to be new and be an artist that is going to be different from what’s in the charts.

On making Sharon cry:

For Sharon to feel the emotion that I was giving to the song is so flattering and I was really touched that it affected her because that’s an artist’s dream – to touch people and move people. I couldn’t believe it.

On his life post-X Factor:

I think I would definitely love to release an album – maybe a few albums. I’d love to be a recording artist and do a classic, modern twist on songs and make them current. To have an album is something really special because you could have a variety of songs for different aspects of your style and your performance. To be a recording artist is a dream.

On who he’d want to collaborate with in the final:

I think if I made it to the final – well, that would be a dream to start – but I think it would probably be a female artist. Someone like Shirley Bassey or Mariah Carey – a big voice. I’d love to sing with someone who has a powerful voice and makes me really want to be successful like them and really show what I can do.


The X Factor is on Saturday 18th November at 8.10pm and Sunday 12th November at 7.30pm