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Everyone has an opinion on Honey G leaving The X Factor

“When I say Honey, you say G-O-N-E”

Published: Saturday, 3rd December 2016 at 6:40 pm

Honey G has divided rappers, critics, families, and basically the whole of the Twittersphere. The David Cameron lookalike and wannabe rap star left The X Factor last night, a turn of events that has polarised the nation.


She’s been controversial from the off, what with 50 Cent praising her for “bringing some happiness into the world” while Professor Green denounced her as “a joke”.

Critics too, have accused her act of being “modern-day blackface”.

How did viewers respond to last night's X-it?

Some people were very sad, hailing Honey G for her entertainment value and her talent.

Yes, talent.

But most importantly, just remember we're all richer for the experience. And by 'all', we mean Simon Cowell and Honey G.


The X Factor continues without Honey G on Saturday at 8pm on ITV


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