Ed Balls is the tenth celebrity to leave Strictly Come Dancing 2016

The former Shadow Chancellor's ballroom bonanza finally came to an end


Ed Balls has become the tenth celebrity to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing 2016.


Thanks to a low score for last night’s dance and an unsuccessful Cha Cha Challenge, Balls and his professional partner Katya Jones faced Judge Robert Rinder and Oksana Platero in the dreaded dance-off, but despite their best efforts, they couldn’t out-tango the duo’s rumba.

All four judges opted to save Judge Rinder and Oksana, based on their better technical ability, sending Ed home and bringing a Strictly era to an end.

“If people watching have had half the fun I’ve had learning to dance with Katya then they must have had a complete blast because it’s been such a fabulous thing” Balls told Tess Daly. “The judges, all the supporters, the make-up team, the wardrobe, in particular that band are the best in the world. It’s just wonderful.”

The former Shadow Chancellor paid tribute to his professional partner, Katya Jones, whom he said was ultimately responsible for all the fun on screen.

“The only reason we have been able to learn and to entertain is because of Katya, and it’s her first series” Balls explained. “She is going to go on to be a total dynamite, knock-out Strictly star, she is just the best there is. Absolutely amazing. She is utterly brilliant”.

Balls became the peoples’ champion as the series progressed, thanks to some very interesting routines. His Gangnam Style salsa was a series highlight for many.

“To all the people who have kept me in this long, thank you very much I’m very grateful, I’ve had a wonderful time”, Balls concluded.

“There is so much I would like to say to you” Ed’s professional partner Katya said, “I absolutely love this man, it’s my first series and I couldn’t have wished for better.”


Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights