Britain’s Got Talent’s Lost Voice Guy hurts himself in a fall – but says he’ll be “match fit” for Sunday’s final

"This is why Lost Balance Guy never made it onto #BGT"

Britain's Got Talent - Lost Voice Guy

Lee Ridley, the Britain’s Got Talent comedian known as Lost Voice Guy, has suffered a few cuts and bruises after tripping in his hotel room.


Posting a tweet of his injured face on Twitter, the Geordie said he’d still be “match fit” for this Sunday’s grand final.

Speaking to The Sun, Ridley said: “After such an amazing night in my semifinal, I tripped over when I got back to my hotel on Monday night.

“Lost Voice Guy became Lost Balance Guy for a moment. Don’t worry though, I’m feeling fine again now and am looking forward to the final. Thanks to everyone who made sure I was alright. I felt in very good hands.”

Winning the public vote during the competition’s first semi-final, Ridley – who performs with a speech synthesizer after being diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was six months old and subsequently losing his voice – won over audiences with a stand-up routine about his disability.

After being declared the public’s favourite of the night, he said: “This is the best I have felt in a very long time. In fact, I feel more special than usual.”


Lost Voice Guy will face nine other acts in the Britain’s Got Talent final, including fellow comedian Robert White, who came top in Wednesday’ semi-final.

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 Britain’s Got Talent’s live semi-finals air Monday to Friday on ITV, with the live final on Sunday 3rd June

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