Britain’s Got Talent spoilers: all the acts auditioning in episode three

Here's who is performing on BGT this week, from a father and son duo to baby ballroom stars and a pair of Rat Pack singers

The Ratpackers on Britain's Got Talent

A Rat Pack pair, a father and son duo and some miniature ballroom stars – this weekend’s Britain’s Got Talent auditionees are as eclectic as ever.


These are the 12 talented (and not so talented…) acts stepping out in front of Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams:

Bat-Erdene Nyamdavaa

Bat-Erdene Nyamdavaa on Britain's Got Talent
Bat-Erdene Nyamdavaa on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

The 26-year-old is a merchandising allocator and analyst who was born in Mongolia but lives in London. He performs in the traditional style of Mongolian throat singing – and it’s certainly different!

Martin Westgate

Martin Westgate on Britain's Got Talent
Martin Westgate on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

The 25-year old from Norfolk is a duty manager, although that’s not the talent he’s bringing to the BGT stage (to be fair, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Nothing shocks anymore). Martin is a stand-up comedian who’s out to impress David – but will his material be up to scratch?

Amy Marie Borg

Amy Marie Borg on Britain's Got Talent
Amy Marie Borg on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

The 16-year-old student from Malta sings classical piece Nella Fantasia. She marks herself as nine on a scale of one to 10 of nerves, but will her performance be confident?

Lexie and Christopher

Lexie and Christopher on Britain's Got Talent
Lexie and Christopher on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Young baby ballroom dancers Lexie and Christopher give it full throttle as they perform to Meghan Trainor’s Dear Future Husband. But will they get a 10 from Simon and co? Here’s a little preview:

Magus Utopia

Magus Utopia on Britain's Got Talent
Magus Utopia on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Described as “a group of fantasy illusionists from the Netherlands”, Magus Utopia give a terrifying, intriguing and unmissable performance that defies explanation. We have no idea what it is, but we love it.

Jadoo’s Jingles

Jadoo’s Jingles on Britain's Got Talent
Jadoo’s Jingles on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Have you ever seen a seven-piece American-style tribal belly dance group from Berkshire? Now’s your lucky chance!

Jon Davison

Jon Davison on Britain's Got Talent
Jon Davison on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

That’s Jon – not Jim – Davison. The 55-year-old from East London comes out with an oldie but a goodie – the classic three-legged man. But will he have a leg to stand on after his performance?

The Ratpackers

The Ratpackers on Britain's Got Talent
The Ratpackers on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

51-year-old Dennis DeMille and 22-year-old Marvin Muoneke (who are at pains to point out they’re not a father and son!) are Rat Pack singers from Weston Supermare and give a rousing rendition of New York, New York.

Baba Yega

Baba Yega on Britain's Got Talent
Baba Yega on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

What are Baba Yega? Even after watching their performance we’re still not sure. They’re Belgian dance/performance artists who are mildly terrifying to say the least…

Mandy Muden

Mandy Muden on Britain's Got Talent
Mandy Muden on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Comedy magician Mandy Muden is certainly magical and certainly hilarious. You’ve got to watch out for her melon…


Humanimals on Britain's Got Talent
Humanimals on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

This dance act duo are Alex, 45, and Kate, 27. Their calling in life is to use body paint to dress up as animals and dance about. Takes all sorts.

Tim and Jack Goodacre

Tim and Jack Goodacre on Britain's Got Talent
Tim and Jack Goodacre on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Jack Goodacre has already had a brush with fame after appearing on The Voice Kids last year and jamming with coach Danny Jones. Now he’s back on a different ITV talent show, and this time is duetting with his 43-year-old dad Tim singing their original song The Lucky Ones.

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