5 acts to watch in Britain’s Got Talent episode 4

Week four welcomes a man very passionate about the Isle of Wight, a tiny dancer from Dublin and a Frozen tribute that you’ll never forget...

Katherine and Joe, BGT, ITV©Syco/Thames

With 13 series of Britain’s Got Talent behind us, you’d think we would have pretty much seen it all.


But this week the show once again takes it up a notch, with one act in particular leaving us truly speechless.

Here’s our pick of what to look out for in episode four of BGT.

The most passionate: Derek Sandy

Derek Sandy Britain's Got Talent ITV Syco/Thames

Derek Sandy from the Isle of Wight is proud of his roots. Very proud.

The 56-year-old has penned a song dedicated to the small British island – but although that might sound a bit twee, we can assure you, it’s actually a proper anthem.

David Walliams agrees. “That’s the sexiest song I’ve ever heard about the Isle of Wight,” he tells Sandy.

Sandy gets all four judges on their feet, but will they be sending him through to the semis?

The most impressive: Matt Stirling

Matt Stirling Britain's Got Talent ©Syco/Thames/ITV

Matt Stirling may look like a security guard when he steps on stage, but the 46-year-old from Ruislip is a variety show all on his own.

Part magician, part stunt-man, part-stripper and all entertaining, Stirling wows the crowds with his incredible magic act – leaving Amanda Holden very red-faced.

The most heart-warming: Dave and Finn

Dave and Finn Britain's Got Talent ©Syco/Thames/ITV

Usually it’s the humans who are the talent on the show, but tonight highlights German Shepherd Finn as the real star.

The mind-reading dog has such a close bond with owner Dave it’s genuinely touching to see, with a presentation explaining their partnership being so emotionally charged it brings Simon Cowell – TV’s resident Mr Nasty – to tears.

The most surprising: Ethan Higgins

Britain's Got Talent, Ethan Higgings ITV/Syco/Thames

Dublin-born Ethan Higgins looks as if he’d have the voice of an angel; but has the sense of humour of a little devil as he tells Walliams he “wouldn’t buy” any of the Little Britain’s star best-selling books.

While he may dress as if he’s going to do Riverdance, Higgins whips off his blazer and body rolls, backflips and cartwheels on stage – much to Ant and Dec’s amusement.

“We love surprises,” Cowell tells him. “That… was unexpected.”

The most amusing: Katherine and Joe

Katherine and Joe, BGT, ITV©Syco/Thames

This is the second series Katherine and Joe have auditioned for. The pair narrowly missed the live shows when they only received two yeses from the judges for their Beauty and the Beast routine a few years previously.

However, now donning Frozen costumes, the couple have stepped it up a gear – with surprising results.

We won’t spoil what the twosome do, but we will say this: keep a close eye on Joe.


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturdays at 8pm on ITV