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Britain’s Got Talent 2019: five acts to look out for in episode 1

Britain's Got Talent is BACK – and Simon Cowell has a whole new bunch of contestants to enjoy...

Flake fleet Primary School BGT (ITV)
Published: Sunday, 7th April 2019 at 8:01 am

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 begins this Saturday 6th April, and despite it being the 13th season of the variety show, there’s still plenty of talent for Simon Cowell and co to enjoy.


The strong opening episode, which marks Ant McPartlin back as host after a year off from TV commitments, sees both moments of comedy gold and genuinely heart-tugging scenes – topped off in true BGT-style with a singing Dalek from Nottinghamshire.

Here’s our pick of the most memorable acts from Saturday night…

The most heart-warming: Flakefleet Primary School choir

Flake fleet Primary School BGT (ITV)

Britain’s Got Talent has always championed its child acts: since Connie Talbort made Amanda Holden well up in series one, cute kids giving it their all are almost always guaranteed to be a tearjerker.

But there’s something even more heart-warming about the kids' choir from Flakefleet Primary School, led by headteacher Dave McPartlin (before you ask, no relation to Ant).

Aged between 4 and 11, the kids have a mixture of singing abilities (“some are amazing singers, some are just enthusiastic,” said Dave) – but it doesn’t matter how “good” they are: their gung-ho performance of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, complete with a child dressed up as Dec sat in a bin, is practically straight out of Nativity.

An overwhelming display of pure unbridled joy, the kids have all the judges on their feet; only the stone-hearted will be left without a tear in their eye.

The most dangerous: Vardanyan Brothers


The Armenian brothers immediately catch Walliams’ eye when they come in buff and topless – but no-one is able to look away from the twosome when they perform their heart-stopping balancing act.

With the performance culminating in one brother attempting to balance the other on the fine-tipped point of a sword, their daring antics lead Cowell to proclaim their act as “the most dangerous I've seen on any Got Talent franchise.” Sure, he says that every year, but this time, he looks as though he might mean it.

The weirdest: Y Pedwar Covi

Y Pedwar Covi, BGT (ITV)

The unique Welsh musical group shows how, even 13 years on from its first series, Britain’s Got Talent still has the power to leave us utterly speechless at what we've just seen.

Made up of four blokes between 58 and 71, Y Pedwar Covi look a fairly eclectic bunch, wearing huge overcoats, cowboy hats and kilts.

We won’t spoil it for you, but we’ll just say it’s only when the kilts come off that their act truly begins…

The most terrifying: The Haunting

The Haunting Elizabeth BGT (ITV)

Magicians are another BGT staple, with each year featuring more astonishing tricks and sleights of hand (honestly, we’re still wondering how Marc Spelmann did half the things he did in last series).

However, this year’s first magic act The Haunting has the potential to be the best yet. Combining tricks with genuine horror, somehow managing to get ‘ghosts’ involved in their act, judge Amanda Holden is left looking like she might actually cry with fear.

We’ve only seen one magician win Britain’s Got Talent; could The Haunting be the next?

The most surprising: Faith Tucker

Faith Tucker BGT(ITV)

Her VT before her performance immediately fools the audience into thinking she’s just a little bit ditzy – she bumps her head on the boom mic and giggles that her dream is to be “just like Beyonce.”

“Maybe Simon could give me a record deal, who knows?” she laughs, before we cut to her back on stage.

If you’re left thinking she’ll sing some sort of sugary pop, you’d be very much mistaken, as the 18-year-old shows a talent that's well beyond her years...


Britain’s Got Talent 2019 airs Saturday 6th April at 7.15pm on ITV


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