BGT semi-final 3: meet the 9 acts performing

Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer Boogie Storm, singer Josh Curnow and magician Richard Jones among tonight's third live Britain's Got Talent semi-final


We’re zipping through this year’s live semi-finals, tonight’s third show bringing us ever closer to Saturday’s grand final.


It looks set to be a stunning show with electrifying magician Richard Jones, crooner Josh Curnow and boss Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer among the acts.

Each will be hoping to be one of two sent through to Saturday’s final show. Check out the full line-up below:

Boogie Storm (Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer)

Simon Cowell is the only one not to back a singer hitting the Golden Buzzer for dancing stormtroopers Boogie Storm.

The story, as Ant and Dec pointed out, writes itself: ‘stormtroopers get Golden Buzzer from Dark Lord himself’.

“It’s no surprise that the real life Darth Vader voted for his troops, it was brilliant,” judge David Walliams concurred.

Cowell was delighted with his choice, even singing like a child to Alesha Dixon: “I got the stormtroopers!” (he’s not let her off for nabbing 100 Voices of Gospel).

“I literally said if we could find stormtroopers who could dance this show would go into a different league,” Cowell said. “My dream has come true.”

And when Walliams said he was actually worried Cowell had “lost his mind” the boss laughed: “I don’t care, the Dark Side has taken over.”

Flying Bebop

Flying Bebop is a dance group led by art director and choreographer Antoine Marc, 32. The group is made up of dancers Nadia, 29, and Gavin, 32, with their mix of drone and funky moves an instant hit with the judges. Cowell wanted to see some aliens arrive at the end of the performance, but hey, so did they.

Jack Higgins

Jack, 14, earned comparisons to Billy Elliot for his stunning ballet performance. The Liverpool lad earned hoards of fans after admitting he’d overcome bullies to follow his dream. Higgins is cousins with fellow semi-finalist (and Golden Buzzer act) Beau Dermott.

Josh Curnow

Josh, 26, surprised both the judges and hosts Ant and Dec with his gravelly voice. The singer, from Cornwall, also earned respect from the judges after admitting a school teacher had told him to focus on getting a job stacking shelves. They get things wrong, Cowell encouraged as Walliams tried to get over the fact that the dishy act had a girlfriend.

Khronos Agoria

This dance group has serious sass and boast training from the Brit School. Their dream is to graduate and tour nationally. They’re certainly on track for that, Holden describing their performance as like a “piece of theatre”.

Morgan Connie Smith

Morgan’s audition was a tale of two halves: her first attempt was packed full of nerves, but when Cowell asked her to stop and try a different song – encouraging her to turn the room into the Morgan Smith concert – it all changed for the better. Packing a punch with her vocals, Morgan nabbed those all important four yeses. “I would put you under the bracket of raw talent,” Walliams said.

Richard Jones

25-year-old Richard Jones’ magic routine was quite literally electrifying. He’s an Army Bandsman of The Royal Household Cavalry (prior to this he was in the Parachute Regiment for four years) and managed to both read minds and turn a fizzy drink into a hot cup of tea.

Vadik & The Bear

Terrifying or truly entertaining? The judges are giving us another chance to decide as Vadik Reketa, 35, from Belarus takes to the stage to dance with a giant polar bear.

Zyrah Rose

Zyrah Rose is a classical singing group, made up of Charlotte, Kara, Emily and Christine aged 25 to 28. They put their own spin on Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire, with Holden dubbing it “stunning”.


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