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Furious Simon Cowell says Alesha Dixon stole his Golden Buzzer on BGT

The Britain's Got Talent boss is so grumpy he missed out on 100 Voices of Gospel he even tries to claim Dixon's buzzer push is “void”

Published: Saturday, 16th April 2016 at 8:20 pm

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon hit her Golden Buzzer for the frankly awesome 100 Voices of Gospel tonight and it’s given Simon Cowell the right hump because he wanted them for himself.


“No! No! I wanted them!” Cowell yelled as everyone else celebrated the much-deserved Golden Buzzer push.

“That is so annoying. I wanted you to be my buzzer,” he told the act, adding, “I’m so irritated!”

But Dixon said she’s having none of it.

“You snooze you lose. I like winning just as much as you!” she told him before saying his grumpiness wouldn’t ruin her great mood.

Cowell even tried to claim the push was “void”, saying, as per the rules he’d “just made up”, she’d pushed the Golden Buzzer too early and it didn’t count.

Nice try, Simon.

It’s certainly been on Cowell’s mind ever since – he revealed ahead of the series launch: "I wasn’t thinking too much about it and then as soon as she pressed it I just thought, ‘Oh God, I would have liked that choir’. That’s the kind of competition element there is between the judges, we all want to buzz for the best one. I would have buzzed if she hadn’t because they were fantastic."

Meanwhile, a delighted Dixon told the group – who boast more than twenty different nationalities among their singers – that they are her “idea of heaven”.

“There are no words that I can use to describe the feeling you gave everyone in the room.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturdays on ITV


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