Simon Cowell - in my opinion at least - has bagged the best Golden Buzzer of all time* with a group of dancing stormtroopers.


*I'm overly excited, but it was brilliant, wasn't it?

The group (who didn't even introduce themselves) walked out to the Imperial March and then suddenly busted out some moves to Fleur East's Sax, chucked in some Beyonce moves from Single Ladies and even did Psy's funky Gangnam Style routine.

He's not silly is he Mr Cowell? Star Wars is, right now, bigger than it has ever been. Heck, some stormtroopers just had a boogie with the President of the United States, and then Cowell finds himself a load of dancing stormtroopers to back for BGT victory. Clever.

The story, as Ant and Dec pointed out, writes itself: 'stormtroopers get Golden Buzzer from Dark Lord himself'.

"It's no surprise that the real life Darth Vader voted for his troops, it was brilliant," judge David Walliams concurred.

Cowell was delighted, even singing like a child to Alesha Dixon: "I got the stormtroopers!" (he's not let her off for nabbing 100 Voices of Gospel).

"I literally said if we could find stormtroopers who could dance this show would go into a different league," Cowell said. "My dream has come true."

And when Walliams said he was actually worried Cowell had "lost his mind" the boss laughed: "I don't care, the Dark Side has taken over."

The stormtroopers - stage name Boogie Storm - now earn a free pass to this year's live semi-finals alongside the four other Golden Buzzers.

Whatever could be coming next?


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