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Amanda Holden predicted a magician would win BGT 2016

"I’d put money on a magician winning Britain's Got Talent," Holden said at this year's series launch as Richard Jones takes the title

Published: Saturday, 28th May 2016 at 9:51 pm

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden deserves a pat on the back as she predicted a magician would win right at the start of this year's series.


“We must have seen 30 to 50 magicians who were all fantastic,” Holden said. “I'd put the money on a magician winning. I would love a magician to win this year,” she added.

“Magic started on our show as something we groaned at and thought ‘Oh god, here we go’ to something now we just think is unbelievably amazing.”

Last year’s runner-up Jamie Raven came close, but tonight's winner Richard Jones is now the first magician to ever win the show.

He'd earned high-praised throughout the competition, Cowell dubbing him a "wizard" as he won the third semi-final.

Tonight, he surprised the judges with an emotional military-inspired performance, which led him to see off competition from well-liked singer Wayne Woodward and Simon Cowell's own Golden Buzzer Boogie Storm.

"I can’t believe it thank you so much," Jones said as co-host Ant dubbed him a "worthy winner".


Re-watch his winning performance here:


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