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Amanda Holden hits Golden Buzzer for amazing young singer Beau Dermott

"Everyone else might as well go home," said David Walliams as the 12-year-old's rendition of Wicked's Defying Gravity earned her a free pass to this year's semi-finals

Published: Saturday, 9th April 2016 at 7:25 pm

Amanda Holden wasted no time with her Golden Buzzer this year, hitting it in the very first episode for singer Beau Dermott.


The 12-year-old from Widnes shocked everyone with her performance of Defying Gravity from the hit musical Wicked. Not only did the huge voice seem to come from absolutely nowhere, Beau's pre-audition nerves evaporated once she kicked into performance mode.

"We were not expecting that," Simon Cowell laughed. "I like the way you came up here and just mugged all of us like 'Yeah I’m really nervous…'. But that’s how you do it!"

"You are ready to be on stage, you are fantastic. You really have just got it," Alesha Dixon concurred with David Walliams joking: "Everyone else might as well go home."

As for Amanda, she told her Golden Buzzer choice: "Oh Beau, I cannot believe you’re only twelve. That is one of the most difficult songs I think to sing, you just sold it to us.

"I was like this all the way through it," she added, miming hovering her hand over the coveted buzzer.

And with that Beau hopped off stage, earning not just a Golden Buzzer but a thumbs up from boss Cowell too, which means you've not just done well, you've done pound-signs-in-his-eyes well.

Take another peek at her performance here:


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