Susanna Reid: Piers Morgan and I are destined to be together – but only on air

The Good Morning Britain host reveals how she winds down after a turbulent morning with her controversial co-host


After a morning with Piers Morgan, do you go home for a large scotch and a lie down in a darkened room?


No, usually it’s a cup of tea. Though I do have a big sofa for comfortable viewing.

In front of a huge television in a palatial lounge?

I do not have a palatial lounge and it is dominated by books. The telly is not on the wall, and it’s not a big screen. I’m not terribly up to speed with technology. I held on to my old-fashioned telly for so long and we still have a lot of DVDs.

What is your one must-see moment of the week?

Friday night is film night with the family. My boys are 10 [Jack], 12 [Finn] and 14 [Sam]. So The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are really popular. It’s a really precious time for me.

What else do you watch 
with the boys?

We love Bear Grylls. Those kinds of adventure shows are brilliant. 
If I wasn’t doing what I do, I would love to be out climbing mountains and crossing oceans. I’ve got an obsession with micro-adventures at the moment. You don’t have to be planning some big trip. You could get a one-way ticket on a train a few miles away from home, and then walk back.

Then an early night before your morning date with Piers?

Absolutely. My alarm goes off at 3.20am. Lots of journalists will stay up for Newsnight but there’s no way I can do that. So I always watch Channel 4 News at 7pm.

So, film night aside, it’s a relentless diet of hard news?

Not quite. I love Keeping up
 with the Kardashians! Especially anything to do with Kourtney and Khloé. I find them utterly hypnotic and mesmerising. The idea of living your life on camera 24 hours a day, and maintaining that look, which is never anything other than flawless. I couldn’t do it, and I wouldn’t want to do it.

What else are you doing on that huge sofa?

Like Piers, I’m addicted to Twitter. But we can all get lost down the rabbit hole of social media, so I restrict myself. I have to delete the app off my phone when I come home; otherwise I’m just drawn to it all the time. I don’t know how Piers operates on a normal day actually, because he’s on Twitter throughout the programme. And for the rest of the day, if I reinstall the app, I notice how much he has been tweeting.

Is your pairing with Piers so successful because it feels as if something might be going on? 

No! I don’t think that’s what it 
is at all! It’s mainly Piers going rogue and me reining him back in. Whether that’s having a go 
at Madonna or asking Dame Joan Collins if she’s ever had a relationship with Donald Trump.

Yet there is something special between you…

It’s a love-hate relationship; we’re destined to be together on air. No matter how many spats we have, there’s an underlying affection. The trouble is, the more words I use like that, the more Piers goes, “You see? She couldn’t cope without me.”


Susanna Reid is a regular presenter on Good Morning Britain, Monday – Friday on ITV.