Spencer’s new girlfriend Lauren clashes with Steph on Made in Chelsea

The latest member of the MIC cast made her first appearance during tonight's episode – but Mr Matthews' bitter ex made sure he didn't get off lightly...

Has Spencer Matthews finally reformed his wicked ways? It was the question posed during tonight’s episode of Made in Chelsea as south-west London’s resident lothario looked to be… er… tamed. 


The woman behind his dramatic makeover into Mr Nice Guy? Lauren Frazer-Hatton, a Chelsea socialite whom he’s already whisked away to the south of France, Ibiza and Scotland. (Spenny certainly knows how to treat ’em).

As the pair returned to London, Lauren got the full tour of the Sloaney crowd as smug Spenny made introductions to Jamie and Andy who looked giddy meeting the “hot mysterious girl” before the new couple engaged in a toe-curlingly awkward meet-and-greet with his exes Lucy and Steph. 

The latter looked far from impressed by Spencer’s love dovey antics. “It’s like looking at Bambi before he gets shot. It’s like Jack the Ripper of London.” Lucky for Spenny, Lauren was out of earshot – but it didn’t take Steph long to get her claws into the MIC newcomer, dumping 12 months of bitterness onto her ex’s new girlfriend.

“Does he ever write ‘thinking of you’ with an ‘X’? When he’s done that it means he’s cheating on you. When he’s not picking up he’s probably cheating. Do you know what he did to Lucy in Barcelona?” Way to give the girl a lift, eh Steph? 

But despite the former Hills star draping her arms around new boyfriend Josh at every given opportunity, it’s clear her Spencer-shaped wound is still red and angry, especially if the trail for next week is anything to go by. “She made me feel really uncomfortable,” Lauren tells her new boyfriend. “Is her relationship that s**t that she has to prey on ours?” comes the reply. 

And it looks like their romance won’t be the only one feeling the heat next Monday. Despite hauling their relationship back on track tonight, it looks like Sam’s about to mess things up with Tiff all over again after a revelation from Binky that “Lonan told me he saw Sam with another girl.” That’s right, Binks has swapped hunky Will for hunky Lonan during next week’s customary workout session.

Suffice to say, poor Tiff is seen sobbing into Binky’s shoulder as Sam frantically denies all allegations. Déjà vu, anyone? 


Made in Chelsea continues next Monday at 9:00pm on E4

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