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Exclusive – Fred Sirieix has Michelin-starred chefs take on KFC burgers in a first look at Snackmasters season 3

The Channel 4 cooking show is back, with Fred Sirieix challenging chefs to recreate a classic KFC recipe.

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Published: Thursday, 1st April 2021 at 12:45 pm

Ever since Ant and Dec said that they were going to bring back SM:TV Live for a one-off 20th anniversary special this year, we've barely been able to contain ourselves.


But we're having to put our excitement on hold for a year.

Plans for the 20th anniversary special have cooled off, and instead Ant and Dec are planning on instead bringing us a 21st anniversary special of the Saturday morning kids' show in 2019.

Until recently it had seemed as though plans were in full-swing for 2018, with the duo telling in January that they had booked studio time and writers for the one-off special.

Meanwhile Cat Deeley - who was said she was excited on board for the special - previously told us what she hoped to see in the one-off episode.
Two top chefs are tasked with cracking an original KFC recipe in Snackmasters' series three premiere next week, a first-look clip reveals.

The series sees First Dates host Fred Sirieix challenge Michelin-starred cooks across the UK to recreate some of the nation's favourite snacks in just one week, with the culinary experts having previously taken on the KitKat, Quavers, Monster Munch and Domino's.

In a teaser clip from series three's first episode, we watch as Tom Aikens, the youngest chef to receive two Michelin stars, and Alex Bond, from Nottingham's Alchemilla open the iconic Snackmasters hamper to find KFC's top-selling Zinger Burger, complete with the Colonel's famous Original Recipe Chicken and Super Charger mayonnaise.

"I have not sampled a KFC probably in like 20 years," Aikens says. "I just wouldn't buy anything like that; it doesn't interest me."

Speaking to ahead of next week's episode, Sirieix explained why he started the series with a "really spicy challenge" with the KFC Zinger Burger.

"That’s hard enough because they have to get the texture of the chicken just right and somehow create that zingy flavour and crispy batter... but they also had to replicate the fiery Supercharger Mayo. That's real hot stuff.

"Then just as they think they may have nailed it – I get naughty – and throw in the Secret Recipe Chicken in a bucket. There are 11 secret herbs and spices in the Colonel's Original Recipe – no one has ever previously come close to cracking it, but you can never underestimate a Michelin-starred chef."

Later in the episode, comedian and Snackmasters co-host Jayde Adams goes behind the scenes at one of KFC's factories, where she learns how the Zinger spices are made. "Wow, this is intense," she says in a clip, whilst coughing from the fumes of concentrated capsicum oil, which mixes the spices together. "I tell you what, you lot in here are hard as nails," she tells the KFC staff.

The Channel 4 show returns next Tuesday, with this series' chefs attempting to recreate Wagon Wheels, Shreddies and Snickers as Sirieix watches on.

Snackmasters returns on Tuesday 6th April at 9.20pm on Channel 4. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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