See the moment Idris Elba breaks an 88-year-old land speed record

The Luther star breaks a historic racing record in tonight's instalment of Idris Elba: No Limits on Discovery

Can Idris Elba get any cooler? The actor, DJ and adrenaline-junkie has only gone and broken a UK land speed record. 


Elba, who plays troubled detective John Luther in the hit BBC1 thriller, becomes the current UK land speed record holder for the Flying Mile tonight, after he breaks a historic 88-year-old record in an instalment of Idris Elba: No Limits. 

Driving a Bentley on a beach in Wales, the actor tops the Flying Mile record set by Sir Malcolm Campbell and his Napier-Campbell Blue Bird in 1927. He hits a top speed of 186.4 miles per hour, averaging 180.4 mph over the full mile and successfully breaks the existing record of 174.8 mph. Impressive, no?

We’ve got a sneaky preview of the moment Elba finds out he’s broken the record:  

For those not in the know, a Flying Mile is when a car’s speed is timed between two points one mile apart from each other. The driver is allowed to get up to speed before entering the timed zone, and the test is run twice within an hour, once in each direction.


Idris Elba: No Limits concludes tonight at 9:00pm on Discovery

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