Rylan’s “dream” American housemate is confirmed for Celebrity Big Brother

The presenter has his ideal housemate confirmed while Emma Willis is holding out hope for Eamonn Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres for the UK vs USA theme

Big Brother spin-off presenter Rylan Clark has given us a teeny tiny hint about this year’s celebrity line-up admitting his “dream” American contestant is heading into the house.


“I can’t tell you who it is, but they have always been on my dream list,” Clark gushed.

It comes as the show gears up for a UK vs USA theme, following the success of last year’s explosive match ups including that of Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins.

Who Clark’s dream contestant is remains to be seen. He performed a whole load of Pussycat Doll songs during his time as a contestant on The X Factor and just went up against the Dolls’ own Kimberley Wyatt on Celebrity MasterChef… perhaps she’ll be taking part? She’s certainly proven herself a formidable reality show opponent.

Meanwhile, host Emma Willis has revealed who her dream contestants are (which presumably means they won’t be going in) saying she’d love to see Eamonn Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres holed up in the house.

“The two of them would be amazing!” Willis said. “Eamonn I know is a lovely person and Ellen seems like a lovely woman, she is bright, fun and entertaining. It would be the best debate in the world!”

Of the series in general the duo both seem particularly excited about this year’s brand new theme.

“People want to see the arguments and the American’s always bring it!” Clark enthused. “It’s not like a split down the middle but it will see the competition heat up,” he added.

“There was such a hoo haa about how many Americans were in the last series, that’s it’s both ironic and amusing that this series ended up being UK vs USA,” Willis added. “I think it will be competitive.”

“It will be tense,” Willis continued. “You can only hope that it doesn’t get too nasty and people have a sense of humour about it. All I want is great television, competitiveness, humour, fun and a bit of grief now and then.”

According to Clark, the mix of housemates is “very clever”. “A lot of the Americans are, without sounding stereotypical, very American. If you cut them open you will see stars and stripes, and the British are very Union Jack the whole way through.”

If they duo themselves were to head in (or back in in Clark’s case) for this year’s series, they both know exactly what they’d take in to show their Team Brit spirit.

“I would take HP sauce,” admitted Willis. “That is my one thing that I take with me wherever I go. I have to have it on everything. It doesn’t get much more British than the Houses of Parliament slapped on the front!”

For Rylan, it’s a particular item of clothing: “I would probably take my Union Jack Spice Girls jacket from when I did Spice Girls on The X Factor and just walk around in it the whole time! It is framed on the wall in my house.”


Celebrity Big Brother returns August 27th at 9:00pm on Channel 5