Rupert Grint on the night he went back to a drag queen’s flat: “They dressed me up”

The former Harry Potter star admits he can't say no to fans - and that it can sometimes get him into unusual situations

Rupert Grint has let slip a small but important piece of information that could get him into trouble in the future: he can’t say no to fans.


“I can’t. It’s one thing I just cannot do: the word ‘no’,” the Harry Potter star revealed in BBC3 documentary Tom Felton Meets the Superfans on Monday night. “That’s the danger, that I would do anything, if someone told me to do it. It’s got me into a few tricky situations.”

Grint then proceeded – in hilariously deadpan fashion – to tell his former Potter co-star Felton about a certain late-night encounter with one particular fan and her friends that led him down a rather unexpected road…

“I met this drag queen. I ended up going back to her little flat with all her drag queen friends. Just couldn’t say no. They dressed me up. We went to go and get bagels at 4am. I was in full heels and a feather boa…”  

The story was just one of many tales from Felton’s examination of obsessive fan culture which showed most devotees to be generally sweet and endearing rather than over the top and creepy.

Nevertheless, Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, had some advice for Felton when he heard about Grint’s admission.


“Don’t put that in a film, Tom. Don’t tell people that if you ask Rupert, he’ll come round to your f**king house.”