Why is Made in Chelsea’s JP so hilariously angry?

He's gone from a boy to a man. Got it? A BOY TO A MAN.


It’s not nice to laugh at people when they’re angry – but sometimes when they go really red in the face and say ridiculous things, it’s impossible not to be amused. 


In tonight’s new series of Made in Chelsea, JP’s outbursts were possibly the funniest Made in Chelsea scenes from the last few years.

On the one hand, it was sad seeing him wrestle with his feelings for Binky. In the last series he broke up with her and then decided he wanted her back, which did not go down well with her protective friends Louise and Ollie.

On the other hand, has a more ridiculous sentence than “MY PARENTS RAISED ME WELL, I’M A GENTLEMAN” ever been screamed on a reality show?

Throughout the entire episode, scarlet-faced, frustrated JP shouts about being not only a gentleman but also a real grown-up. “THIS SUMMER I’VE GONE FROM A BOY TO A MAN” he yells at several people at different points, including Louise who clearly thinks he’s joking before realising he’s not. “Oh, that’s actually really sweet” she says, trying not to laugh.

In fact, every time JP shouts something earnest about pursuing Binky again, you can see the cast members trying really hard to keep a straight face. 

I’m all for people growing and changing and realising things – but JP’s cringe-worthy statements about manhood and being a gentleman are comedy gold. He may as well be a five-year-old stamping his foot as he insists, for the second time, “THIS SUMMER I’VE GONE FROM A BOY TO A MAN”.


I’d say he needs to listen to Britney’s song and re-asses his statement…

Made in Chelsea series 12 begins on Monday October 10th at 9pm on E4