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Who is Steve Ball? The Love Island contestant and plumber reckons his "teeth and body make him stand out"

The 25-year-old has his eye on Montana – but so do all the other newcomers...

Published: Friday, 30th June 2017 at 9:29 am

Name: Steve Ball


Age: 25

Occupation: Plumber

From: Wiltshire

Twitter: @SteveBall_92

Instagram: @SteveBall92

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Steve is a plumber from Wiltshire and by the looks of things, he likes to take selfies and go to the gym.

Oftentimes, these hobbies overlap with one another.

What type of girl does he normally go for?

Steve denies having a type, but by the sounds of things he is fond of the 90s look, name-checking Jennifer Aniston "back in the day" when asked about his celebrity crush.

Is he a romantic?

Well, he says he's on the show to find a girl to settle down with, at the ripe old age of 25. But he also says that the most romantic thing he's done is "posting flowers to someone's work". The poor girl must have waited a lifetime...

What is his dating reputation?

He says his exes would describe him as "a bit of an idiot sometimes" and "clumsy". But he's not a bad boy: "I'm not known for being a serial dater. I used to be a bad boy when I was a bit younger but not since I've grown up a bit."

Who has he got his eye on in the Love Island villa?

"Montana. She has massively grown on me through the series. I'm attracted to Tyla but I already know Montana's personality so am definitely attracted to her."

And even if it doesn't work out with Montana, Steve knows what he doesn't like... 

"I'm an easy going guy and one of my mottos is there's no point worrying or stressing over something that's already happened. Someone who is easy going and doesn't whine and complain would be ideal. Basically a cool girl. Does she exist? Maybe I'll find her on Love Island."

If he does, he won't be put off by her other half... 

"I've always said I won't be sly and go behind a lad's back, I will be open and tell the lad before I go for it with the girl. It won't make me not go for it with the girl, I just want to tell them first and be upfront."


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2


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