Who is Shannen Reilly McGrath? The Love Island contestant wants Chris and is willing to fight Olivia for him

She hates cocky boys... and yet says she could have any one of her exes back in a millisecond


Name: Shannen Reilly McGrath 


Age: 23

Occupation: Model and dental nurse

From: Dublin, Ireland

Instagram: shannenreillymcgrath

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What’s Shannen’s claim to fame? “Conor McGregor [mixed martial artist and boxer] is a good pal of mine, we partied together a lot. I have been linked to celebrities – I did go on a few dates with [The Wanted singer] Max George and I was texting him and there are a few celebrities that I’ve texted and who have DM-ed me on Instagram. One is a singer really well known singer from The X Factor. Then a few premiership footballers.”

That’s not even the end of it, though. Shannen made headlines earlier this year when she was caught in the middle of a row between Bianca Gascoigne and her ex-boyfriend CJ Meeks. Bianca hit out at CJ, accusing him of paying girls (the Irish model being one of them) to go on dates with him in order to get papped in the papers.

What makes Shannen different to the rest of the female islanders? “Being Irish makes a big difference. A lot of people have said to me in the past that I have something, that I’ve just got ‘it’. And I don’t know what ‘it’ is but I do think I have something about me, maybe a different aura and personality so it’s not just outer image, I do have a nice inside as well.”

Who does she have her eye on in the villa? “I have my eye on someone who is quite coupled up… Chris. I think he is absolutely stunning and I know Liv comes across as a bit of a psychopath but I would be willing to give her the challenge.”

This could turn ugly, people.

How would her exes describe her? “My last one hates my guts, he’s so jealous of me and would do anything in his power to ruin me so he would describe me as a psycho girlfriend but the rest I know of them I could have back in a second. I can usually get anything I want, so if I wanted them back, I could have them but they are exes for a reason.”

And so modest… When ironically her nightmare boy in the villa would be: “Someone that is cocky and really into themselves.” Pot, kettle anyone?

Oh well, she’s certainly making herself comfortable already. Hasn’t she nicked Montana’s swimsuit?!

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