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Who is Karthik Nagesan? Celebrity Big Brother 2017 contestant profile

The former Apprentice star and entrepreneur could be heading into the CBB house this summer

Published: Thursday, 10th August 2017 at 2:23 pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates: Karthik Nagesan


Age: 33

Twitter: @Karthik_Nagesan

Instagram: karthik_nagesan

Facebook: KarthikNagesan

Best known as: Having the most impressive monobrow we've ever seen. And starring in The Apprentice last year.

Bio: The IT consultant became one of the biggest stars of The Apprentice in 2016. He was loved by many (although loathed by others) - but fans were pretty sad to see him fired by Lord Sugar.

Shortly after leaving the show, Karthik told that he wanted to carve a TV career for himself. And yet, here he is giving dance lessons at Glastonbury.

And nope, this is not a joke...

“I can’t say anything for now. But if somebody wants me to come along and say Karthik, do you wanna present on TV? Or, you know, do you wanna take part in this or that? I’m gonna go into it with an open mind," he told after being fired from The Apprentice.

“I didn’t come into this process with that idea, but now that public reaction seems to be in my favour – they love my mannerisms! I think people love it that I can be like them and I can laugh at myself.”

The public speaker also described himself as being like Brad Pitt because after leaving the BBC show he was stopped everywhere with people wanting to meet him and asking for selfies.

“I’ve got fan clubs! I never knew that I deserved fan clubs. People are saying I should make T-shirts with my monobrow and my sayings, and you know, just launch them for Christmas. That’d probably get me more than the £250k I could have got from Lord Sugar."

We're not sure there's much demand for a shirt that says "I am the next billion dollar unicorn". But then, we're not an entrepreneur.

This is all before we've got to the fact Karthik said he wanted to be Prime Minister of the UK one day...

“When I said I wanted to be Prime Minister, I was quite serious – but let us see how it works out.”

Far be it for us to judge...but that doesn't seem to be going too well so far.


Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9pm on Channel 5.


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