Forget drizzle and Jaffa cakes, what really has everyone talking during The Great British Bake Off 2016 is contestant Candice’s statement lipstick.


The 31-year-old PE teacher sported a bang-on-trend dark plum shade and Twitter fans went a bit crazy for it.

the real question here is: what lipstick is candice wearing and where can i buy it? #gbbo

— trust me maddie (@madhen_) August 24, 2016

So if you’re more into applying make-up than baking cakes, read on to find out where you can buy lipsticks to copy Candice’s beauty look.

Week one – Vampy plum

For cake week, Candice made a statement with a dark plum lipstick, which incidentally matched the mirror glazing on her showstopper perfectly. While recreating those genoise layers might be a challenge, copying her lipstick is a little more achievable. Try the two options below.

Week two – Electric pink

For biscuit week, Candice wowed Paul and Mary with her star bakes and hot pink lips. To recreate her fun look, try these two lippies, whether you want to splurge or save.

Week three: hot red

Last week, Mel asked Candice what colour she’d wear if she made it to bread week. Candice promised her red, and she delivers. To copy her look, get your hands on these two beauty buys – and tune in to see if she can follow up her Biscuit Week success.


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