Was Scott right to quit The Apprentice?

Did the account manager jump before he was pushed, or should he have stuck it out?

In shocking scenes, tonight’s episode of the Apprentice saw Account Manager Scott Saunders resign from the process, despite being on the winning team in this week’s property-selling task.


Having taken both barrels from Lord Sugar and Karren Brady for his hapless efforts in real estate (including not knowing the figures and mixing up the layouts of new homes), Saunders decided to take the (almost) unprecedented step, storming out of the boardroom and later saying that he’d quit “because Lord Sugar made a success of his business himself, so why do I need to go to him for investment?

He added: “I truly stand by my decision, and he’ll kick himself that he didn’t see me in a different light.”

But was Scott right to leave so abruptly? Was he taking matters into his own hands and avoiding a future firing, or wasting the opportunity of a lifetime?

Vote now, or forever hold your peace.


The Apprentice continues on BBC2 next Wednesday at 9.00pm