Peter Dickson, who has been the booming voice of the X Factor for 11 years, has decided to hang up his microphone and not return to the show this autumn. The news shook up fans of the singing contest so we took it upon ourselves to find a new voice of the X Factor, because we're helpful like that. (Our invoice will be in the post, Cowell.)

Advertisement readers have since selected the perfect replacement: University Challenge's Roger Tilling.

He was the standout choice, with 52% of the votes, beating the likes of departing judge Louis Walsh, MasterChef's India Fisher and Strictly Come Dancing's Alan Dedicoat.

43-year-old Tilling has been the voice of University Challenge since 2001. His familiar voice can be heard at the start of every episode, introducing presenter Jeremy Paxman, and whenever a contestant buzzes in for a starter question, announcing their college and surname.

Big Brother's Marcus Bentley is RT reader's second choice, with 36% of the votes, while Doctor Who's Tom Baker, Matt Berry and Come Dine With Me's Dave Lamb make up the rest of the top five.

Almost 2,000 readers voted in the poll.


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