Too Hot to Handle season 3 doubles prize money – and rule break fines

There's more cash at stake!

Too Hot to Handle doubles prize money

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle is back for a third season this month, with the new episodes arriving on the streaming site on Wednesday 19th January.


As usual, the new episodes will see the Too Hot to Handle season 3 cast trying to keep their hands off each other in a bid to win a huge cash prize.

But, there have been some changes to the prize fund!

For season 3, the prize money has been doubled to $200,000, which means contestants could go home with lots more money this year.

Lana breaks the news to the contestants in the new season, with many of them rejoicing at the chance to win big on the show.

But it’s not that simple, as she later reveals that fines for rule breaks will also be doubled. While some of the singletons may get away with lower fines before the changes are introduced, Lana is set to double the fines as the season progresses, with kisses now costing $6,000 instead of $3,000.

Last year, the prize money was set at $100,000. The contestants lost a huge amount by breaking rules, but were able to win some back, with season 2 winner Marvin going home with $55,000 by the end of the retreat.

With this year’s increase, it should increase the contestants’ chances of walking away with more cash, but this is Too Hot to Handle at the end of the day, and in the past there have been some very quick rule breaks.

Take season 1 stars Francesca and Haley for instance, who threw away $3,000 by sharing a fun kiss in the bathroom when none of their co-stars were looking.

If season 3 is anything like its predecessors, the winner could be going home with a small fraction of the $200,000 cash prize – if anything!


Too Hot to Handle returns to Netflix on 19th January. Seasons one and two are available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.