This is why Ovie is Love Island’s best contestant ever

The basketball star has won our hearts and proved why we all need an Ovie in our lives


“It’s Love Island, not Friend Island,” Tommy told his fellow islanders in a recent episode of the ITV2 reality show.


He may have a point, but it is worth remembering that he has skin in the game in this case: if it was Friend Island, he and Molly-Mae would surely no longer be favourites to take home the £50k prize. As it stands, Amber and Ovie could still beat them, despite not sharing a romantic connection (yet).

This is largely down to the 6″7 basketballer, who has stolen the hearts of Love Island viewers since arriving in Casa Amor. He is currently the male islander with the most positive tweets about him (Belle leads the way for the girls) while he and Amber have had the most mentions to date.

Ovie has proven himself to be an excellent dresser, an intelligent conversationalist, and an all-round good guy. Here’s why we think he’s the best contestant in the show’s history.

He’s extremely chilled out

Ovie doesn’t seem to have any interest whatsoever in the dramas playing out in the villa. Even when he was wrapped up in his own love triangle, he handled the matter gracefully, bowing out and allowing Jordan and Anna to pursue their feelings for one another with little fuss.

For the most part, he seems to be just enjoying his holiday: dancing, lounging by the pool, and even learning how to swim.

He stands up for his mates when no one else will

Amber called Maura out for “riling” her up about the way Michael had spoken to her – telling her to “sit down” and reiterating that he no longer had any feelings for her – and then failing to hold him accountable for it.

Enter Ovie, who pulled Michael for a chat the following day and calmly explained to him that the way he had spoken to Amber had come across badly, and that he should probably apologise to her.

He gives out intelligent, well thought-out advice

Ovie has proven himself to be the best man to turn to in times of strife.

The best of which he reserved for the heartbroken Amy, who left the villa after her former half-boyfriend Curtis made moves on another girl while she was away in Casa Amor.

Though we can’t recall ever seeing these two have a conversation, Amy told Loose Women that his words had stuck with her.

“He was like, ‘Amy, love is a potion, and you have to drink it, and sometimes it will choke you and it will make you sick, but sometimes it will make you so inebriated that its the best feeling in the world,” she said. “‘But you have to drink the potion to find out which one its going to be.'”

He’s got a great catchphrase with its own “Message!”

Ovie has, without fail, shouted “Message!” every time an islander has called out “I’ve got a text!”

It’s a reference to the Wayans Brothers’ gangster film parody Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. In the film, a character pops up and shouts “message” every time there is an on-the-nose reference to the “oppressive harsh realities of the hood”.

Even Love Island voice over star Iain Stirling had to admit that he had been outdone by the basketball player.

He was unafraid to show his emotion when his friend George left the villa

Ovie broke down in tears after he had failed to convince Anna that they should save George and Lucie over Curtis and Amy in a surprise dumping.

He felt that he had been unable to stick up for his friend, when he was the only Casa Amor OG left in the line-up to do so.


Here’s hoping the public see sense and vote him and whoever he is coupled up with as this year’s winners…