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The Only Way is Essex series five catch-up

As TOWIE returns to ITV2 for a sixth run, here's our whistle-stop tour of last season's Essex hotspots

Published: Sunday, 22nd July 2012 at 2:11 pm

The straight talking, tangerine-tanned Essex lads and lasses are back for more drama. If you missed season five, it’s time to catch up…


Series five began with Arg unveiling his new slim-line look in an attempt to win back long-term love Lydia. In true TOWIE style though, the night didn’t go to plan and ended with a tearful Lydia calling him an "arrogant a**hole" and telling him he needed to move on.

Meanwhile Gemma and new love Charlie decided to re-enact the scene from Titanic where Jack draws Rose, Joey snogged Sam at his "reem" party and we found out that Ricky had been receiving dirty messages from a secret source. Cliffhanger alert!

We didn't have to wait long though, as the next episode revealed that Gemma was Ricky’s secret sexy texter. Poor Charlie, and after all that romantic Titanic business too…

Joey had been setting up a boy band called The Boys (imaginative) and band member Tom P decided it was time to ask Lauren out for a drink – because girls like musicians, right?

Arg, along with Cara and Billi, then put his newfound fitness to the test by competing in the London Marathon. Arg managed to get over the finish line in an impressive six hours and one minute. All those Marbella boot camps must have paid off…

Back in Essex, Charlie called time on his and Gemma’s relationship, while Joey and Sam decided to rekindle their romance and go on a date - helicopter trip around Essex anyone?

In a mid-series treat, Nanny Pat wowed viewers with a rap about buying a pint of milk before Tom K and Billi split up, too. *sob*

Episode seven was all about Gemma. First she had an uncomfortable run in with Charlie, before taking new man Rami to a dinner party where Ricky (the recipient of her earlier dirty texts) was in attendance. All went well until Gemma bought another of the TOWIE boys into the mix, claiming Arg said he’d kiss her if she lost two stone!

Meanwhile Tom P and Lauren P went wine tasting and ended up having a cheeky snog, Tom K revealed that he had been texting Lydia (which Arg wasn't happy about, obviously) and Sam and Joey’s short-lived romance came to an end for a second time.

Fans of their turbulent relationship weren’t upset for too long though as episode nine saw them getting back together (again) with Sam saying, “Come here! I haven’t got any knickers on!” Classy.

In the series finale, Arg revealed that Gemma had cheated on Charlie with him before telling Debs that he cheated on Lydia. Not that Lydia seemed to mind - she was preoccupied with kissing Tom K.

The Only Way is Marbs special episode saw Mario getting down on one knee, and Lucy saying yes! But not everyone was happy for them. Sam said she’d heard rumours about Mario cheating on his new fiance, and was swiftly banned from their engagement party…

After a shock kiss in the series finale, things seemed to go downhill for Gemma and Arg. Gemma’s last words to Arg in Marbs were: “Take a good look at this. You ain’t never gonna get this candy.” Rumour (and certain tabloid headlines) has it they've hooked up since though.

So when we left them Mario and Lucy, Sam and Joey, Ricky and Jess and Tom K and Lydia were all happy and in love. But only time (and the start of the sixth series) will tell if their happiness is meant to last...


The first episode airs tonight at 10pm on ITV2... you'll be well jel if you miss out!


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