Another Thursday means another episode of The Apprentice and this week, the candidates are embracing their inner canine.


Lord Alan Sugar is tasking the six remaining entrepreneurs with developing their own dog food brand, but will it be Bone Appétit for the pups or a proper dog's dinner?

With six becoming five at the end of this week's episode, we're just seven days away from the interviews episode, which will see Claude Littner and other associates of Lord Sugar pick apart the semi-finalists' business plans.

Last week's episode saw Avi Sharma and Bradley Johnson leave the show after a shock double elimination, but who will find themselves in the doghouse next?

Episode 1 – Antigua Tourism

In the first task of the 2023 season, the Apprentice candidates set off to Antigua, where they were tasked with selling tours.

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The two different teams had to pick a bespoke tour to sell to local tourists and make a profit – hoping there weren't any angry patrons demanding refunds.

With aides Baroness Karren Brady and Claude Littner keeping an eye on the candidates, nothing went unnoticed in their debut task amid bickering on the beach and some woeful negotiations.

Episode 2 – Bao Buns

Episode 2 of The Apprentice season 17 saw the remaining candidates head to Hutong in London's The Shard, where Lord Sugar broke the news that they'd be selling bao buns.

Tasked with manufacturing two types of bun, the candidates had to sell savoury bao buns to the public and pitch a bespoke sweet bun to a corporate client. The team with the biggest overall profit won the task.

In typical Apprentice fashion, the task didn't go smoothly, with one team's Jurassic-themed bun leading to explosions in the kitchen, while another team were left in short supply after a maths meltdown.

Episode 3 – Cartoons

Episode 3 of The Apprentice saw the remaining candidates create a brand new pre-school cartoon aimed at two-to-four-year-olds.

The 15 candidates were summoned to London's Regent Street Cinema, where an animated version of Lord Sugar announced the task to the 15 contestants, as teased in a first-look clip.

"One team showcases incomplete characters, whilst the other presents a sketchy storyline," the BBC teased.

Episode 4 – Brighton Discount Buying

In the fourth episode, the candidates headed to Brighton and Hove, where they had to secure and negotiate nine items synonymous with the area.

With the two teams exploring one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, the group that secured the most items at the lowest prices won the task.

Episode 5 – Electric Motorbike Advertising

Episode 5 of The Apprentice saw the remaining contestants tasked with branding an electric motorbike and pitching an advertising campaign to a panel of experts.

"Passionate about motorbikes, one project manager has his vision ignored, while the other team's advertising campaign backfires when they focus on story rather than subject," the BBC teased.

Episode 6 – Dubai Corporate Hospitality

The Apprentice 2023's sixth episode saw the candidates heading abroad once again, this time to Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, they had to put on a corporate away day for two international clients based in the city.

"While one team shows off the glitz and glam of the city, the other goes for a more traditional approach in the desert. But it's the team with the most profit at the end that will win," the BBC said.

Episode 7 – Children's Lunchbox and App

In episode 7 (which aired Thursday 16th February), Lord Alan Sugar challenged the remaining contestants with designing a new lunchbox aimed at six-to-eight-year-olds as well as an app that encourages healthy eating.

While for one team, a clear vision helped them "take a bite out of the market", for another, a poor decision led to dreary designs.

Episode 8 – Immersive Event

The eighth episode of The Apprentice (which airs on Thursday 23rd February) saw the remaining candidates enter the immersive market as they head off to Shropshire.

Tasked with hosting an immersive event, the teams had to sell tickets, book entertainment and organise food and drink – and the group with the biggest overall profit won.

"One team deals with confused convicts, whilst the other team narrowly avoids a dining disaster," the BBC teased. "In the boardroom, it’s lights out for one candidate as they’re told ‘You’re fired'."

Episode 9 – Male Beauty

Last week's episode saw the candidates head into the beauty market with the task of developing a skincare product for men.

"For one team, wrangling over a recipe leads to a disastrous skin-staining goo, while a lack of creativity on the other team results in an unoriginal concept," the BBC teased.

Ultimately, it was Avi Sharma and Bradley Johnson who Lord Sugar washed his hands of in the boardroom.

Episode 10 – Dog Food

The candidates are tasked with creating a new dog food in the 10th episode of The Apprentice before pitching their product to retailers.

"In the kitchen, one team wrangles with their recipe, making a dog’s dinner of their signature dish, whilst on the other team a premium product fails to deliver," the BBC teases.

"On the branding teams, candidates bicker to be top dog. With plenty to chew over, Lord Sugar sends one candidate for walkies."

Episode 11 – The Interviews

The highly anticipated Interviews episode is back next week (16th March), with familiar faces, including Claude Littner, returning to grill Lord Sugar's five semi-finalists.

"A deep dive into their business plans reveals fictitious figures, crazy concepts and absurd ambitions," the BBC teases.

"For one candidate, it’s the end of the road as Lord Sugar tells them 'You’re fired'".

Episode 12 – The Final

After three candidates are culled in the interviews episode, two finalists go head-to-head for one last challenge as they compete for that £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

"With the help of some familiar faces, they must launch their business, create a new brand for their company, produce a digital billboard, direct and edit a TV advert and design a metaverse, then pitch it all to Lord Sugar and industry experts at a black-tie event," the BBC teases.

The Apprentice continues on Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide for more to watch.


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