Top Gear as we know it, is done and dusted. No more James May, no more Richard Hammond and no more Jeremy Clarkson.

The end of the show, in its original form, follows the much-discussed "fracas" between Clarkson and a producer. Chris Evans – of radio and TFI Friday fame, not Captain America – will now take over, the original trio happily working on a new car show for Amazon Prime.

But while plenty will remember the various controversies Clarkson's been involved in over the course of the long-running series, there'll be many who still enjoy the antics of the motor-mouth petrolhead (thankfully repeated over and over again...).

So as the BBC put together an A to Z of the show this Christmas, here's a selection of the former frontman's best bits...

1. Test-driving his own creation – the P45

"Some say Jeremy Clarkson is actually a transformer..." The host embarks on an error-filled trip to London in his self-designed smallest car in the world, the P45.

2. Failing miserably behind the wheel of a hover van

A staged wind up, naturally, but Clarkson certainly causes chaos with just a bit of water.

3. Glamming up

The Top Gear team make their way across Vietnam on motorbikes. Take a look at Clarkson’s outfit. Austin Powers eat your heart out...

4. "Driving nirvana" courtesy of the Ariel Atom

If you had any doubt that Clarkson was driving this high performance sports car rather fast, let his face be the proof.

5. Getting the giggles

Clarkson can’t contain his laughter when James May arrives with a bashed-up caravan. Team spirit 101.

6. Who doesn’t want a multi-storey caravan?

This time it was Hammond and May's turn to laugh hysterically at their co-host.

7. Getting an icy dunking

It's like a how-to guide to polar survival…

8. Making Gambon a "household name"

Way back in series 1, Michael Gambon’s flying efforts on the final corner of the test track saw it forever dubbed Gambon Corner. Apparently Clarkson’s made Gambon quite the “butch” man after his efforts as a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and Judi Dench really rather fancies him…

9. The Jeremy Clarkson guide to answering a brief

Why wouldn’t a “work harder, get a car” campaign encourage cycling, eh?

10. How NOT to catch a ferry

Spare a thought for actor Ross Kemp locked in the boot.

See Top Gear: from A to Z 8:00pm BBC 2 this Boxing Day (concludes Wednesday 30th December at 8pm)