When it was announced last night that Chris Evans would be taking over as host of BBC motoring show Top Gear, there was a little bit of confusion. Just why was Captain America ditching saving the world to talk about cars?


After all, it's just not a natural fit:

Surely he can't leave Batman doing all the superhero work?

Although some have apparently been *waiting* for this moment:

And took to (sarcastically) congratulating the BBC on their choice...

Some were only momentarily muddled...

Granted, this looks awesome...

But there was some feeling it wasn't quite the right move for the captain:

Alas, the winky face says it all – yes, there's been a mistake:

Which some people are actually a bit disappointed about:

Others helpfully clarified:

To clarify for my US friends. This is our version of Chris Evans. The BBC isn't courting Captain America for Top Gear pic.twitter.com/dqokGPN7Rf

— Katy (@StealingCake) March 25, 2015

But just to be extra sure, this is actor Chris Evans who plays Captain America in the standalone films and the Avengers movies:

This is British Chris Evans, Radio 2 Breakfast Show and weekly One Show host, who will indeed be stepping into Jeremy Clarkson's shoes:


But hey, maybe Captain America Chris Evans can drop by as a Star In A Reasonably Priced Car..?