In an adventure show like no other, 18 contestants are going head-to-head in the BBC's reboot of Survivor UK.


The show first aired in Blighty in 2001 and was repeated for a second season in 2002, but after being off-air for more than two decades, the BBC picked it up again and we're now into the second week of the competition.

So far, three contestants have been ejected from the competition, with the stakes higher than ever.

If you've enjoyed the show so far, and ready to see who else is at risk of being voted out at the Tribal Council, read on to find out everything we know about the 2023 series of Survivor UK.

When is Survivor UK next on TV?

The next episode of Survivor UK airs on Saturday 11th November on BBC One and iPlayer at 7:25, after Strictly Come Dancing.

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The following episode will air on Sunday 12th November at 8pm.

Survivor UK 2023 release date

Survivor UK
BBC/Remarkable BBC/Remarkable

Survivor launched on Saturday 28th October on BBC One and BBC iPlayer and airs on Saturday and Sunday nights each week.

The next episode of Survivor UK airs on Saturday 11th November on BBC One and iPlayer at 7:25, after Strictly Come Dancing.

Survivor UK 2023 host

Fans of The Masked Singer will be over the moon to hear that none other than comedian Joel Dommett is the host of the show!

Speaking with the BBC ahead of the show's release, Dommett said being trusted to host Survivor UK is "a huge compliment".

He said: "I'm aware of how much of a huge format it is around the world, it's probably one of the biggest. I think it's really great, and hopefully long may it last, it feels like it's a really good time for it. I feel like there's a lot of shows that happened over the last 20 years that led us to this point and I feel like people are going to welcome it with open arms.

"Anyone who knows the Survivor format already will know they're in for an absolute treat, and if you don't then I'm confident you’re going to love it."

Survivor UK 2023 contestants

The cast of Survivor UK 2023
The cast of Survivor UK 2023. BBC/Remarkable

The cast of Survivor UK has been confirmed and is full of people from all walks of life, from all over the UK.

The cast of Survivor UK is as follows:

  • Ashleigh
  • Christopher
  • Doug
  • Hannah
  • Jess
  • Laurence
  • Lee
  • Leilani
  • Matthew
  • Nathan
  • Pegleg
  • Rachel G
  • Rach C - VOTED out in episode 3
  • Ren
  • Richard - VOTED out in episode 1
  • Sabrina - VOTED out in episode 2
  • Shai
  • Tinuke

How does Survivor work?

The premise of Survivor is fairly simple: castmates will be marooned in an isolated location and have to fend for themselves, while also taking part in tasks to earn themselves immunity from elimination or rewards.

The contestants are progressively eliminated from the game as they are voted off the island by their fellow castaways - and whoever is the last person standing will take home the huge cash prize!

“They’ll form their own tribal societies, catch their own food, build their own shelter and compete against each other in epic challenges for reward or immunity,” said the BBC. “Those who win immunity are safe from being voted out of the game at the iconic Tribal Council.

“At each Tribal Council, each tribe must vote out one of their own, until the Sole Survivor emerges and wins a life-changing £100,000.”

Is there a trailer for Survivor UK 2023?

See below for the official trailer for Survivor UK:

Survivor UK continues on Saturday 11th October at 7:25pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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