Five castaways have already been sent packing by the Tribal Council, in six jam-packed, entertaining episodes of Survivor UK so far.


The reality TV series is hosted by comedian and The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett, who has been overseeing a crop of new contestants ready to confront the ultimate adventure.

The show may have been off our screens for nearly a decade but the BBC reboot has been bigger and more tension-filled than ever.

A group of people all became castaways and were left in a deserted location where they had to "outwit, outplay and outlast" their rivals, as well as having to find food, water, fire and all-important shelter.

Prior to the show's launch, Survivor UK contestant Lee told that meeting all the different castaways was "surprisingly overwhelming".

He said: "It was something that I've never done before [and] would have never done in my day to day life. I'd usually be within my own comfort zone within my own sports and athletes, but this was people from all walks of life. And it was surprisingly overwhelming.

"And then it was also the most present I've ever been speaking with these people, chatting to them about their lives listening to what they had to say, and just growing a friendship. It was absolutely amazing."

With five contestants already voted out of Survivor, it's time to get acquainted with the remaining 13 contestants who will continue to try their luck in the Dominican Republic.

So, who are these brave individuals hoping to prove they have what it takes to be named the Sole Survivor?

Read on to find out more about the Survivor UK 2023 contestants.

Survivor UK contestants


Survivor UK contestant Ashleigh
Ashleigh. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 34

From: London

Occupation: Brand strategist

Ashleigh applied for Survivor UK because she loves to "live life to the fullest" - whether it be through starting her own business or taking on skydiving and boxing, she is always up for pushing herself and testing her limits.

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"I suffer from imposter syndrome and struggle to believe in myself, so this is why I push myself, to try and find my limits. What better test to understand what I’m really capable of than the ultimate challenge - Survivor?!" she explained.

One of Ashleigh's biggest takeaways from the show is that she is "more capable" than she gives herself credit for.


Survivor UK contestant Christopher wearing a leopard print shirt
Christopher. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 36

From: Bridgend

Occupation: Singer/songwriter

Christopher wanted to be a contestant on Survivor to take himself out of his comfort zone and face his fears.

He told the BBC: "I wanted to undertake the hardest challenges on land, in the air or in the sea. I want to prove to myself that I have got what it takes, that I can achieve anything. The idea of having nothing but the clothes on my back seemed a million miles away from what I do in real life.

"I am at the stage in my life where I am more confident and determined to do something which I feel I can do well, with the determination and competitive spirit to outwit, outplay and outlast."

Having taken part on the show, Christopher learned that he is "a lot more resilient and stronger" than he thought.


Survivor UK contestant Doug
Doug. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 32

From: Isle of Mull

Occupation: Flood risk consultant

Doug has been watching Survivor for as long as he can remember, and would even go as far as re-enacting some of the show's original challenges with his family.

Having seen the show was returning, Doug wasted "no time" in submitting his application.

He explained: "Next thing I know – I'm on a desert island building a shelter from bamboo! I came on Survivor to make my family back home on Mull proud, and have the adventure of a lifetime."


Survivor UK contestant Hannah wearing a patterned blue t-shirt with a blue overshirt and sunglasses
Hannah. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 30

From: London

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer

Thirty-year-old Hannah became "totally hooked" on Survivor during lockdown and watched season after season, which led her to apply for the show.

Talking to the BBC ahead of the show's launch, Hannah said: "Survivor taught me a lot about myself and life in general. It reminded me of the importance of putting myself first at times, recognising my own worth, and having faith that even in the darkest moments things can turn around.

"Embracing my emotions was another big takeaway – they're not a weakness but a strength, showing my realness, vulnerability, and helping others relate to me on a deeper level."


Survivor UK contestant Jess
Jess. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 38

From: London

Occupation: Fitting model

Jess fancied "doing something wild", and there was nothing better than to apply for Survivor when the opportunity presented itself.

One of the biggest things she learned while on the show was that she is stronger than she could have imagined.


Survivor UK contestant Laurence
Laurence. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 29

From: London, born in Vienna and raised in Costa Rica

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Laurence decided to apply for Survivor UK because he felt he had become "too comfortable in life".

He explained: "It was time to shake things up a bit and prove to myself that I could live on bare necessities, in order to appreciate the luxuries of life.

"I wanted to see whether my character would remain the same when put to the test, or whether I would crack under pressure like most other fellow soft millennials."


Survivor UK contestant Lee wearing a lime green t-shirt with his fists in the air
Lee. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 28

From: Belfast (originally Limerick)

Occupation: Professional boxer

Lee is excited for the "Irish and British public" to see him as his "true, authentic self".

During his time on the show, Lee wanted to bring "teamwork, a positive mental attitude, good energy and competitiveness to the game".

Speaking exclusively to, Lee said taking part on Survivor UK was "an absolute adventure".

He added: "It was an experience of a lifetime, so I was blessed to be able to experience that."


Survivor UK contestant Matthew
Matthew. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 21

From: Cumbria

Occupation: Hospitality

Matthew wanted to be a contestant on Survivor because he knew it was "the ultimate challenge".

He told the BBC: "I turned 21 a few months ago and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my summer, I'm so thankful for the opportunity. I really wanted to push myself to the limits and I genuinely mean that – this is a dream.

"I was looking forward to playing the game of Survivor because there's so much to think about, it tests you physically and mentally - and I was ready for both challenges!"


Survivor UK contestant Nathan
Nathan. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 35

From: Manchester (originally London)

Occupation: Fitness instructor and operations manager

Nathan believes in the concept of Kaizen, which is a Japanese term for continuous improvement, and he tries to apply this concept to every part of his life.

When the opportunity to be part of "one of the most challenging experiences someone can face" came up, he didn't need any convincing.


Survivor UK contestant Pegleg
Pegleg. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 54

From: St Agnes

Occupation: Surf school owner

Pegleg is incredibly competitive and even gave up the chance to retain his title as world champion in his surf division to take part in the show.

While on the show, the 54-year-old learned that he can go into "more extreme living and surviving" and can "still give the youngsters a run for their money".


Survivor UK contestant Shai
Shai. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 33

From: London

Occupation: Finance risk manager

Shai has been a superfan of Survivor ever since he was 11 years old. Over the course of the show's 23-year period, Shai reckons he has watched most of the previous seasons.

He told the BBC: "When the opportunity arose, I jumped at it! Who wouldn’t want to be stranded on a random island with nothing but basic rations against a bunch of random strangers, competing in the best game ever?!"


Survivor UK contestant Tinuke
Tinuke. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 30

From: London

Occupation: Professional roller skater

Thirty-year-old Tinuke has "always loved" Survivor and in turn was "so excited" when she saw the show was coming to the UK.

Explaining why she applied, Tinuke said: "I want to go on the show for my late parents, and to prove to myself that I am so much stronger than I thought I was. This is a complete game-changer for me, I am ready to change my life and fill it with adventure and challenge - and this is the first stepping stone to get me there.

"I am ready to leave behind the troubles and grief of my past and prove that anyone can turn around any dark experience. You always have more in the tank than you think you do, and I am ready to show that! I want to be a massive inspiration for anyone who has also experienced deep loss and sadness."


Survivor UK contestant Leilani
Leilani. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 45

From: Hertford

Occupation: Barista and cleaner at a yoga studio

One of Leilani's friends saw the applications for Survivor UK and urged her to apply.

Leilani said: "I was at a crossroads in my life and looking for a new direction, so it came along at the perfect time."

In the Immunity Challenge on episode 4, Discy Business, the castaways are taken with building a tower of blocks spelling 'immunity' all while balancing on a beam and holding the tower on a disc. La Nena wins immunity, which sends Caleton to Tribal Council.

The group is split between voting out Shai or Leilani but Joel reveals that they will be voting to send someone to La Nena.

Leilani Is exiled in a unanimous vote and changes tribe colours, sending her to La Nena.

Former Survivor UK contestants

Richard - Voted out in episode 1

Survivor UK contestant Richard
Richard. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 36

From: Dalkeith, Scotland

Occupation: Pensions manager/RAF reservist

Richard is "always looking for a new challenge" and Survivor UK gave him the opportunity to challenge himself "physically and mentally".

When asked what he learned from being on the show, Richard said: "It was an amazing experience and one that not very many people will get the chance to do. My biggest takeaway is that I am more resilient than I thought."

Richard was the first contestant to be voted out of Survivor.

Sabrina - Voted out in episode 2

Survivor UK contestant Sabrina
Sabrina. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 45

From: Stroud

Occupation: Ultramarathon runner

When asked why she wanted to be a contestant on Survivor, Sabrina said: "It hit me at the right time! If you were told on a cold UK winter's night about a show that was highly likely to be filmed on a tropical island, involved physical and mental challenges, and meant you couldn’t be contacted for the whole time you were there - wouldn't you be interested?!"

Following an intense swimming challenge, the La Nena tribe were left questioning their game strategy after Rach and Sabrina struggled to hold their breath under water for enough time to complete the challenge.

Ashleigh, Sabrina and Rach were all left vulnerable and with four votes, Sabrina became the second contestant to be voted out of Survivor.

Rach C - Voted out in episode 3

Survivor UK contestant Rachel C
Rachel C. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 23

From: Glasgow

Occupation: Personal trainer

Personal trainer Rachel felt like Survivor UK was the "perfect match" for her since she loves challenges and adrenaline rushes.

Talking about her time on the show, Rachel said she coped with hunger "really well".

She explained: "I probably ate more on the show than I did when I was preparing for a photoshoot. There were definitely a few times when some of us were scraping the pot and licking the spoon."

However in episode 3 she was voted out.

At Tribal Council, Lee takes charge and is keen to get Rach out due to her performance in the challenges. Ashleigh and Rach's friendship was then put to the test and Ashleigh saves her skin.

Rach then became the third castaway voted off the island with 5 votes.

Rachel G - Voted out in episode 5

Survivor UK contestant Rachel G
Rachel G. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 40

From: Whitstable

Occupation: Insurance claims handler

Rachel's motivation to appear on Survivor was to show her children than not having a dad around doesn't mean one parent isn't enough.

She wanted to show them that "anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it".

At the immunity challenge, the tribes took part in the biggest game so far as they scrambled across an epic obstacle course. La Nena defeated Caleton in the challenge, sending them to the Tribal Council yet again.

At the Tribal Council, there was a clear lack of trust and the tribe began to split. An unexpected vote saw Rachel as the fourth person voted off Survivor with five votes.

Ren - Voted out in episode 6

Survivor UK contestant Ren
Ren. BBC/Remarkable

Age: 28

From: London

Occupation: Network data scientist

Ren said: "Survivor has been my all-time favourite show since I found it when I was 14; 'obsessed' is an understatement. It combines so many things I love into this intense and awesome package where you get to do stuff you don’t get to regularly as an adult.

"I also just love the mental and social aspects of the game – it's not about playing the game you want to play, it’s about playing the game the jury wants to see you play."

With an emphasis on the importance of trust across the tribe, and a suspected idol at play, with five votes, Ren became the the fifth person voted off Survivor.

Survivor UK continues on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturday 18th November at 8pm.

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