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Strictly Come Dancing's Iwan Thomas is already planning on having a wardrobe malfunction...

The Olympic sprinter is keen to flash some flesh during this year's dancing competition logo
Published: Thursday, 3rd September 2015 at 11:01 pm

Most Strictly Come Dancing contestants hate the threat of a wardrobe malfunction. You know, a heel caught in a hem, a ripped trouser seam or an embarrassing mishap which revealed a little too much fake-tanned flesh. But Olympic sprinter Iwan Thomas is already planning on having one


"I fully went in there and said, 'I need it brighter and tighter and with more sparkly bits,'" Thomas told us, talking about his first trip to the Strictly wardrobe department.

He's already looking forward to showing off his physique and even has plans for getting his bare chest on live TV: "Week one is lycra, very fitted and the trousers are tight. Week two I’m hoping to unzip a bit and week three, if I’m in week three, I might have one of those wardrobe malfunctions!"

"I think you’ve got to embrace the outfits. You’ve got to embrace everything about Strictly because it’s a chance of a lifetime. All my mates are like, ‘what are you doing?’ but the ones who do the best are the ones who throw themselves into it."

When it comes to the performances themselves, Iwan admits he's "not the best natural dancer out there" but he reckons his success will all come down to which professional dancer he gets paired with during this weekend's launch show.

"You spend so much time with that person, it’s someone who is going to have to handle your personality. I’m quite hyperactive and I can’t train five hours straight. I need breaks, I need a bit of time and I need someone who is going to be understanding and explain things. Whoever I get I hope they are patient with me, and that we can have a bit of fun as well. Yes, it’s a dancing programme, but you’ve got to enjoy the journey, you know."


Strictly Come Dancing launches on Saturday at 7:15pm on BBC1

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