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Strictly Come Dancing stars reveal their favourite films ahead of Movie Week

Find out which movies Carol Kirkwood, Jay McGuiness and Helen George love the most

Published: Saturday, 10th October 2015 at 2:27 pm

This year's Strictly Come Dancing celebrities are going to Hollywood. It's Movie Week, which means, for one night only, the series' stars are channelling the glitz and glamour of the silver screen. 


There will be Star Wars themed numbers, performances inspired by Pretty Woman and even a little Happy Feet-style Cha Cha.

It got us thinking, and in the spirit of tonight's all-star show, we wanted to find which films float our celebrities' boats...

Pulp Fiction 

"I like Pulp Fiction – the characters are memorable and it’s fascinating to watch the different threads of the story interweave" - Ainsley Harriott

Gone with the Wind 

"I read the book first and then I watched the film and I loved the romance of it all and I desperately wanted a different ending. I wanted Rhett to take back Scarlett when she finally acknowledged she loved him and he didn’t. Gutted!" - Carol Kirkwood

Mamma Mia 

"Oh there are a few, I love The Sound of Music, I love Calamity Jane, I love Mamma Mia but on a serious side, I loved Ghandi too" - Daniel O'Donnell


"This is very funny because it is Tangled. It is my favourite film of all time and the fact that my Strictly code name was Rapunzel was just hilarious. I used to watch Tangled three times a week when I was at home on my own, it’s my favourite film ever. I think I am Rapunzel, she’s on this journey that I think I have been on for a long time and I just think she is amazing. I love her" - Georgia May Foote

Truly Madly Deeply

"One of my favourite movies is Truly Madly Deeply, the 90’s by Anthony Minghella. It’s so romantic and it’s got some beautiful classical music in it. Juliet Stevenson is one of my favourite actresses and Alan Rickman too" - Helen George


"Avatar because Jake Sully is a great protagonist, Neytiri is fit and James Cameron is a genius" - Jay McGuiness


"My favourite movie would be Memento by Christopher Nolan. A mainstream well known movie would be The Godfather. A more recent film I really enjoyed was Birdman. For a film everyone knows I would choose Back to the Future. Recently at the Albert Hall I saw Back to the Future on a big screen but the theme music was taken out and the orchestra played the theme music over the film. My kids came and I realised how brilliant that film is" - Jeremy Vine

Coming to America 

"Coming to America with Eddie Murphy, a classic in every way!" - Peter Andre


Strictly Come Dancing is on tonight at 6:20pm on BBC1


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