Producers say it will be a “big challenge” to make Love Island better than last year

The head of ITV2 has also said they're 'investing a bit more heavily' in the show this year

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The hype surrounding Love Island this year has reached new dizzy heights.


And ITV2 have acknowledged the amount of grafting they’re going to have to put in to series four of the smash hit reality series, revealing that it’s going to be a “big challenge” to make the show as popular as it was last year, when Love Island fever swept the nation.

Paul Mortimer, the head of ITV2, said that Love Island was easily the channel’s “number one show”, and owing to that they were “investing a bit more heavily in it this year”.

“It’s not easy to get a hit on television in this day and age and it’s not easy to get young people to come back to television,” he explained to and other press. “I think you inevitably [feel that expectation] because you don’t want to take for granted the fact that you’ve got a hit show and expect it’s going to be bigger.

“It’s going to be a very big challenge on the part of production and the cast and everybody involved in the show to be bigger than last year because it was a phenomenon.


“We will see and we will all be waiting on the overnight number on Tuesday morning to see whether the launch is bigger than last year,” he added. “I think we’re expecting a bigger audience at the start of it. But then it’s reliant on the guys that make the show every day and the cast that rock up to be attractive to the audience.”

Angela Jain, the managing director of ITV Studios Entertainment, added: “I think we genuinely feel excited though, and also confident.

“We’ve delivered a show that knows what it is, the viewers absolutely love it and it’s for us to now deliver the same and something different and surprise them.”


Love Island airs every night from Monday June 4th on ITV2