After being in the sing-off last week, Mason Noise is well aware of the odds on him to leave the competition this weekend... because people keep tweeting them to him.

“I’m 2:1 favourite to go,” Mason told “They’ve put bets on me already. They tweet it to me, @-ing me in. They keep tweeting me.”

The singer admitted he’s “terrible” at ignoring the online comments. But he knows the competition isn’t as simple as that. Alongside him in the sing-off last week was fellow category member Seann Miley Moore, who’s exit was met with widespread shock.

“Seann was 2:1 favourite to win, so…. this whole thing is unpredictable.”

Describing last week’s result as “awful” Mason says it’s prompted him to approach the competition differently.

“Being in the bottom two has made me lose some of my inhibitions,” he said, promising some serious swagger this weekend as he takes on Will Smith’s Men In Black for movie week.

“There’s a lot of choreography. I’ll be in a suit, the full shebang, shades at the end. It’s something I wanted to do. Have a bit fun again. I think if you start taking this process too seriously, that’s when it can go pear-shaped for you. If you come into the process with the mentality of ‘see how far I get’ you’ve got that confidence that goes with it. You don’t think about messing up, so you don’t. It’s about screw it, let’s have a good time.”

And it certainly sounds like tonight’s performance will be fun to watch, with a full crew of dancers, mentor Nick Grimshaw maybe even joining in with his own pair of Men In Black-style shades. As for whether there’ll be any aliens popping up, Mason teased: “Only Simon…”

The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday at 8:00pm on ITV