Fans “furious” as Seann Miley Moore leaves X Factor

Seann Miley Moore left in this week's second double elimination and some viewers are really very unhappy with the news...

Seann Miley Moore left the X Factor in this weekend’s second double elimination and fans are “furious”.


The singer was voted out of the competition after facing a sing-off against fellow category member Mason Noise. Mentor Nick Grimshaw took the vote to ‘Deadlock’, which sends the decision back to the original public vote, rather than opting to choose between his two acts.

But fans aren’t too happy to see Seann go:

In fact, one viewer wants to renounce their British citizenship

Another says Grimshaw has lost a fan

More brought out the capital letters to express their annoyance

There are calls for a petition

Some just won’t watch anymore

While others are actually questioning the meaning of life

In summary, Seann Miley Moore fans feel like this


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV