Tonight's second Britain's Got Talent semi-final sees dancing dog act Jules and Matisse and dancing dads Old Men Grooving through to this Sunday's big final.

It was a slightly (slightly) less bonkers night than last night, with the outcome of the results a little bit harder to predict. This was in no small part thanks to choir singers Revelation Avenue, Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer choice. Their twist on a Beyonce hit eventually split the judges' vote.

Indeed, after Jules and Matisse were sent straight through via the public vote - her toy maker routine even a hit with four-legged viewers at home - the judges failed to reach a majority. David chose to back OMG, while Alesha joined Amanda in backing Revelation Avenue. Left to make the final decision, Cowell took the vote back to the public by backing OMG, who eventually took the second place in Sunday's final.

"A lot of dads must have been voting," grinned OMG, who have been my adopted Golden Buzzer act from the start (no, I'm not really allowed one, more's the pity). And Jules promised that she's got plenty more tricks up her sleeve to show off with Matisse. Given she turned up with an extra dog tonight (Matisse's best buddy no less), perhaps we can expect a whole litter for the final?

Jules and Matisse and Old Men Grooving join Welsh choir Côr Glanaethwy and Entity Allstars in the final.

Here's the full result breakdown from tonight's second semi-final:

9th place: Luca Calò

8th place: Alison Jiear

7th place: Michael Late

6th place: HoneyBuns

5th place: Bonetics

4th place: Groove Thing

3rd place: Revelation Avenue

2nd place: Old Men Grooving

1st place: Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse

The Britain's Got Talent semi-finals continue Wednesday at 7:30pm on ITV